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Wolf Like Me | Official Trailer | Josh Gad & Isla Fisher | January 13, 2022

Wolf Like Me | Official Trailer | Josh Gad & Isla Fisher | January 13, 2022

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  • Gearfried

    Villains of Circumstance by Queens of the Stone Age playing in the trailer. One of my favourite songs. And the show seems worth a look.

  • shal0819

    The kid’s got an Australian accent. Robyn Nevin (the old lady who says “We’ve all got wolves in us”) is Australian and is using her accent. The locations look like it might have been filmed in Australia.

    Isla Fisher is Australian and has an Australian accent – but she’s using an American accent in this…?

    I wonder where it’s set. I could see a story about an American father in Australia. But it seems a bit unusual (and unnecessary?) for two American characters to be meeting in a story set in Australia (unless them both being American is relevant to the story).

  • bhgemini

    Love the TVotR title. Was worried this would be another bait & switch like WoSH and Hunter Hunter, but the dead husband, claw marks in the iron door and the writer being Abe Forsythe who wrote Little Monsters is giving me hope this will actually have a werewolf component and not a mental illness or metaphor plot line.

    Just in case you missed it, Little Monsters was the child field trip meets zombies horror romcom that also started Josh Gad.

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