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The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window | Official Trailer | January 28

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window | Official Trailer | January 28

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  • Sisiwakanamaru

    Well, the title is something….. But I’ll take it while I am waiting for Dead to Me season 3.

    Edit: the flight attendant on the last part of the trailer was Jim Rash, wasn’t it?

  • onlyinforamin

    they missed their chance to call it The Woman Behind Closed Doors in the House Across the Street from the Girl on the Train in the Window

  • mssharpies

    Super excited for this, but I’ll watch anything with Kristen Bell. Also this trailer brought back memories of a movie I haven’t thought of in years, Disturbia.

  • AggravatingZone7

    This looks solid! Based on the movies title I was expecting something like Scary Movie or another slapstick parody. This seems closer to Knives Out in style and tone!

  • Archamasse

    I’m looking forward to this almost as much as I was depressed by how many people failed to figure out the title’s a gag.

  • soulsnatcher3000

    Am I crazy or does this seem remarkably similar to The Woman in the Window that Netflix put out last year?! Also this title is hilarious 😆

  • thenewyorkgod

    So Kristen Bell is definitely the killer right? And she “witnessed” the murder during her blackout drunken states

  • el_filipo

    The trailer is basically a recap of the whole season. Now that I know the complete story, I won’t even have to watch it.

  • alexmorelandwrites

    Quite curious to watch this, but I feel like I kinda want to watch a few of the things it’s spoofing first? Any suggestions for particularly important ones would be appreciated – the recent Amy Adams Netflix one, whatever it was called, feels like a start, but are there any other quite big/influential ones I should look for?

  • HarveyJYogscast

    I hope this is a Fargo-type show where in the first episode there’s a murder and somebody says, “Nothing like this has ever happened in this town!” and then over the course of the season 50 more things like that happen in that town.

  • santichrist

    The title made me think it was going to be some Scary Movie type parody but I see they’re going for an only murders in the building type show right down to the black lady detective

    Glad to see the girl from Jurassic World doing more stuff (yes I know they’re different people but also are they)

  • TruthFlavor

    So, it’s another version of Netflix’s Amy Adams ‘The Woman in the Window’. [ Which, as everyone will point out, is a version of Rear Window ]

    Is Netflix setting up a ‘Women inadvertently seeing murders’ universe ?’

  • AimeeM46

    this show(?) looks really good! the title is strange to me but the actual show itself looks great! Kristen Bell looks like she’s going to give a fantastic performance in it!

  • itsalwaysblue59

    People on here were having a melt down when the teaser trailer was released on if this was a spoof movie or not lol.

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