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Why Futurama Is The Greatest Sci-Fi Cartoon of All Time

Why Futurama Is The Greatest Sci-Fi Cartoon of All Time

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  • santichrist

    I mean there aren’t many comedy sci-fi cartoons to compete with in the first place, there’s like solar opposites Justin Roilands Hulu show and gravity falls, I know this guy isn’t counting anime in the mix either

    Futurama’s first five seasons make it one of the best tv shows in general, no need for the cherry picking best sci-fi cartoon of all time bit

  • LightThatIgnitesAll

    Quinn’s Ideas (IdeasofIceandFire) best videos are hig Game of Thrones ones. It was nice seeing someone else actually criticising S5-7 when they released and not eating it up blindly like most others. He also provides a lot of great insight.

  • Terj_Sankian

    I think the first few seasons were great with some meh mixed in. Hate to be that guy, but the second half flipped it, with the majority of the episodes kind of stilted/awkward and some extreme gems throughout, which a spectacular (then) finale

    I do agree with the title though — Solar Opposites is still young and Rick and Morty kind of lost me in its angsty third season, but at its best Futurama had a timeless quality to it

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