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Trauma is Trauma: A Mental Health Talk with Kevin Smith | PEOPLE

Trauma is Trauma: A Mental Health Talk with Kevin Smith | PEOPLE

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  • mr_spent_youth

    Say what you want about Kevin Smith, he always comes across as genuine.

    I had a life changing epiphany after seeing him at a Q&A last fall.

    I genuine hope he’s able to stay in a good place going forward and take care of himself.

  • tekko001

    Happy to know he is finally stopping smoking weed, can’t remember a moment he wasn’t some degree of backed in the last 20 years.

  • superphuntyme

    This Kevin smith is a pretty awesome guy. To do this is pretty damn hard but super helpful for everyone struggling

  • exsea

    i loved this guy growing up, he was “one of the nerds” and was a real awesome dude.

    i will never forget that he wrecked he-man franchise and smeared clownfish tv.

    besides that, i am really happy that he’s in a better place mentally and that he continues to take care of himself.

  • DraslinHDF

    Trauma is trauma, unless it’s the trauma Kevin Smith’s buddy Harvey Weinstein was inflicting on women (which he knew about and did nothing to stop or even expose). In that case, it’s just business.

    Kevin Smith is trash.

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