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Seinfeld – What’s the Point of a Reservation

Seinfeld – What’s the Point of a Reservation

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  • BladeDoc

    I am going to take this opportunity for a serious public service announcement. I found out that “reservations“ on third-party sites (such as Orbitz) for rental cars and hotel rooms are not actually reservations. They are basically a polite heads up and no matter what sort of confirmation you have a car rental company does not have to honor that reservation. Maybe everybody else knows that already but it really put a crimp in a recent vacation for me.

  • 0ogaBooga

    And shit like this is why NYS now has laws requiring rental companies to have the car class you reserved, or an upgrade, within 1/2 hour of you showing up to collect.

    Thanks Jerry!

  • andropogon09

    I use this whenever my doctor sees me an hour past my appointment time. What’s the point of making an appointment?

  • Chrznble

    I ran into this with my graduation. Spent 10 years working on my degree, big day comes to order my cap and gown. Ordered my size and all, paid for it (which was pretty dumb seeing I spent well over $100k for this degree), and was excited to pick it up a month later.

    The day comes to pick everything up. I am so excited. I get to the cap and gown area, they see my paper and go “We no longer have your size, would you like a size bigger or smaller?”

    I respond: “I will take the size I ordered”

    They then go on to tell me they ran out and that I would have to pick another size. They suggested I get the bigger size and go get it altered. I told them the process of ordering it, how orders work, how they should have set aside the correct ordered cap and gowns for the people who did order them and let the extras go to the people who made mistakes.

    They told me that this was an unfortunate event and that they cannot order anymore. So I suggested they refund me the money or pay for the alterations as they could not maintain the orders correctly.

    Long story short, they ordered my size on the spot, it came in time, I got what I ordered. Just frustrating that this happens across all aspects. Sometimes you just have to stick to your guns or get something that adds up to the worth of what you originally was promised.

  • brun064

    Some car rental places are just shady AF. It’s not specific to brand or location, but just some outfits are crap. One time I reserved a compact and they offered to “upgrade” me to an SUV for only $15 per day. I declined as the compact was fine for the 2 day trip I was taking. Well…they were actually out of compacts and gave me the SUV…at the compact rate. So they tried to upsell me on something they were already going to do.

    I’ve had good experienced too, like the time I was upgraded to a convertible just because I told the agent I had trouble getting a reservation earlier. Not his fault, but he decided to upgrade me because he felt generous.

  • cheesylobster

    To add to the rant, why the hell does it take so long for them to give you a car at the service desk? I literally already entered all my info online and paid. Why can’t I just get my info verified and get my car? It should take all of 2 minutes but here I am standing at the car rental desk like a schmuck for 15 minutes while they reenter everything on slow af computers while trying to upsell me on crap I don’t want or need after I already stood in line for 30 minutes behind all the other schmucks. Why is there not a car rental company that doesn’t completely suck ass?

  • jean_erik

    On the flipside, people these days book a trip/show/whatever, pay the deposit…. And then cancel the day before, demanding a refund of their deposit.


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