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Hp advertisement

Hp advertisement

Hp advertisement from funny

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  • Select-Background-69

    I hate people like these who are CONSISTENTLY late. Sure it’s fine for one or two days. But won’t they ever learn from their mistakes ? The kid should be asked to wake up early and check his task much before the bus pickup

  • hojjat12000

    After spending days trying to figure out how to factory reset my hp printer because I changed the default password but it won’t login with the new password (it’s apparently a bug, your supposed to keep it on the unsafe default password), and having so much issues with my hp laptop (regarding the battery and some mobo issues) I decided to never buy an hp product.

  • MeanEYE

    False advertising. They skipped all the frustrations, swearing and printer refusing to print when you need it the most.

    Few months ago my HP decided that it will print exactly 2.5 pages. So you give it 10 pages to print and it would print 2.5 and then stop. You give it another print job, it would print another 2.5 and stop. Sometime later it decided to print random number of copies. I gave it 3 jobs ended up with 5 copies of first, 10 copies of second and 7 of third.

    I guess non-HP owners can find this ad funny.

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