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Musicians Telling the Truth About ‘American Idol’

Musicians Telling the Truth About ‘American Idol’

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  • talmboutgadoosh

    Tom Morello is such a turd. Total industry stooge and he’s still acting like he’s some anticapitalist rebel lmao.

  • Itsnotsohardguys

    Hahaha honestly that’s so true. I’m so glad that I derived my opinion from this Youtube video as opposed to deriving my opinion from some TV show.

    Or better yet I’m so glad I found a piece of content that agrees with my pre-conceived biases so that I can nod my head in approval. I’m grateful I can take the condescending superiority that these artists feel and leech off it like a vampire and convert it into my own sense of self worth.

    God American Idol is so cringe

  • Shillforbigusername

    The “destroying music” bit is a little over the top. It would be like saying McDonald’s is destroying food. Just don’t go to McDonald’s. It’s that simple.

  • GraceSilverhelm

    I don’t think American Idol has enough impact on the industry anymore for it to destroy music. It’s produced two GENUINE mega-stars – Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. That was a LONG time ago.

  • PorQueNoTuMama

    The problem with something like American Idol is that in theory it should be a way for small performers to get a bigger stage and hopefully grow. The problem is that it’s not about the performers, but about the panel and the “show”, ther performers are simply a tool to be used for that purpose. You just have to look at the contract people have to sign to get on to understand what’s happening.

    It’s a shame because if you make such shows about the perfomers you start to get a virtuous cycle where performers getting a fair go means more performers want to get on it, which in turns means people watch to get to know great singers and the program gains viewers. It’s can easily be a win-win.

    That’s exactly how the korean singing shows work and it’s common for great singers to get a bigger audience after appearing in them, and in turn the program gets bigger by showcasing such talent.

    For example in “I can see your voice”, [this vocal trainer](https://youtu.be/mQGcJjfmS04?t=56) had been unknown for 10 years but he decided to give it one more go and through the program he became a pretty big professional singer. That in turn drew other like [this singer ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDV5sCzCrSU) who became well known after his performance on the show. Similarly with [Melomance](https://youtu.be/CTEtcVdsOdk?t=8), and [this celebrity manager](https://youtu.be/h17M-chS6EM?t=49) who’s got an amazing voice.

    The problem isn’t with the program format of American Idol, but with the program’s abuse of performers.

  • GregoPDX

    If you think Idol is bad, The Voice is going on like 20 seasons and hasn’t produced a single big star. It’s literally just a vehicle for the judges to sell more records and build their brand.

  • BasenjiMaster

    Do people really view this show as their only way to “make it”? I think most are aware it’s just one way.
    Regarding it destroying music is bullshit. There is SO MUCH music out there that I don’t like at all, but because of all that it hasn’t destroyed anything in the genre of what I like.

  • BalearicGothamite

    *American Idol* is so irrelevant nowadays. It doesn’t have the power to destroy anything, or otherwise influence music. It’s just simply a basic talent show. I can’t even name anyone who won in the past 10 years. The last person I remember becoming famous from it is Adam Lambert.

  • choppedfiggs

    American Idol was for a specific genre and it was mildly successful. It’s searching for pop stars and artists for that genre. Singers with talent that can sing songs well, that are written for them.

    Of course artists in other genres won’t like the show because you can’t find a rock artist on American idol. For that genre voice doesn’t really matter. Song writing does. There are so many fantastic rock or folk or similar songs that are sung by artists with a mediocre singing voice.

  • supajamz54

    I always find takes like this disingenuous. The most popular “cool” artists are talent scouted through SoundCloud or family connections by industry reps and pimped out to the public through media publications.

    Very little about the industry is organic. American idol just makes talent scouting more blatant.

  • max1mise

    Has there been anyone that won on Idol and just said, “No thanks” to the deal. I assume that you’re effectively locked into that contract just to be able to ‘compete’ from day one? (it’d almost be better to go far but not win)

  • iamacannibal

    American Idol is not really even relevant anymore. It’s nothing like it use to be. People still watch it and like it but just like the other singing shows it produces no stars at all. There are some really good musicians that come out of it but they have little to no chance of becoming stars. Same with every singing show. It’s better for the Judges than even the winners.

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