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Michael Caine on the working class

Michael Caine on the working class

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  • raylan_givens6

    sadly, the arts are still largely the domain of the wealthy

    look up most actors and actresses , they come from well off families

  • bdidonna

    That gives some great context to his character in The Kingsman, where he was a classist snob who reverted to a cockney accent as he died.

  • sandee_eggo

    Economic class is the ultimate issue. Race, sex, orientation, etc.,are just excuses to pay some one less or more.

  • Marigoldsgym

    Was very interesting watch and while I think people will feel understandably very uncomfortable with some of the outdated words and comparisons he made if you put into the context of it being back then when the words he said would be considered as progressive rather than diminutive or dismissive it really is interesting

    I wonder if the Michael Caine of today thinks the same when so many of his roles now are associated with poshness

    He’s the like the British Eastwood but without some of the issues that Eastwood has associated with himself

  • LtCmdrData

    MLK understood that civil rights fight was also economic inequality and class fight.

    Race, white cultural identity, or what is considered “properly white” has changed over time. “The Irish are the blacks of Europe” was a common idea. In the US Irish were called “Negroes turned inside out” and blacks were called “smoked Irish.” Both were considered simple people. [How the Irish Became White](

  • brecheisen37

    While classism is a real problem the comparison to racism in America is a yikes for me. I don’t want to disparage his struggle, but he ignores the historical context of US racism. I don’t recall the cockney slave trade being the backbone of the English economy at any point, although exploitation did occur to a lesser extent. Comparing struggles is never a good look even when well intentioned.

  • all_is_love6667

    “I’m poor can I get some help”

    “You’re going to inherit the earth, it’s going to be okay”

  • mugwort23

    Brits will vote for a posh accent as reflexively as yanks will for a frothing at the mouth gun-nut.

    Look at their Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, a man whose blithering ineptitude is exceeded only by his amorality. It’s always been apparent. He’s never bothered trying to hide it. He doesn’t have to – he’s got a posh accent.

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