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Just found this in a drawer …

Now suffering from an acute case of nostalgia.

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  • Bjoern_Tantau

    Hmm, would it be possible to record it to a wav or flac and play the game that way? I mean, it would be totally braindead, but I know that they actually sent programs through the radio back then.

  • damnitDave

    Sir, these ~~12 year olds~~ folks in here are NOT going to remember this. They absolutely should. I do but also Im 51. I would kill for a demo vid of this working on an old system. Just picked up the Steam version on sale for 3 bucks if anybody is interested.

  • jimmyandrews

    Oh the classic games you started to load before dinner and hopefully it was done loading when you were done eating.

  • abadluckwind

    I remember there was on spot where you faced 99,99,99 and 99 of something else once you did that a hundred times the game was a breeze

  • decalod85

    I used to program the C64, had an adapter so I could use a regular tape recorder, can confirm it was slow and shitty way to store digital information.

    Hooked it up to an old reel to reel tape system, it worked and was suuuuper bad for load failures , but looked cool. 1983!!

    You kids these days with your SSD’s, accessing information instantly.😊

  • realbonito23

    The tape drive was more-or-less the standard in England. Mostly because disk drives for the C64 were so expensive. They actually were more expensive than the computer itself.

    Probably the single biggest flaw the C64 had was the disk drive. It was overly complex and unreliable. Plus, the interface to it was slow. That was solved with various “fast load” solutions, but the complexity of the drive was always a problem.

    One of the big reasons the original Apple II was so successful at launch is that Wozniak engineered a very cheap, reliable, and decently fast floppy drive for it.

  • Helstrem

    The song I sing will tell a tale of a cold and wintry day. When brave men bled, and evil fled, and the dark one can to stay. ‘Till men of old, for blood and gold, had rescued Skara Brae.

  • someanimeguy1234

    Man the original bards tale inn theme is stuck in my head. If I could find a classical guitar arrangement I would learn the shit out of it.

  • fuzzycuffs

    So cool. I didn’t know games came on cassette, but makes sense. I had a Tandy CoCo2 that I used to save files with cassette, so I don’t see why I couldn’t load a whole game from cassette.

  • Senecaraine

    God that just hit me with nostalgia about some cassette game I could never find again that was about a mouse trying to get through the sewers or something. Ridiculously hard but really fun.

  • Pun_In_Ten_Did


    1985 – graduated HS 4 years earlier… playing this title with my younger brother (one of us “drives”; the other is the cartographer… one step equals on square on graph paper lol).

    Brother falls asleep, I’m doing double duty. Mapping the forest outside of Skara Brae… and hearing birds chirping. “Holy smokes, immersion in this game is off the charts!” — _annnnnnnd_ then realizing the sound is coming from outside – birds waking up in the morning 😀

    LIE WITH PASSION AND BE FOREVER DAMNED (if ya know, ya know)

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