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Man watches as a flash flood encroaches his neighborhood

Man watches as a flash flood encroaches his neighborhood

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  • OppositeOfOxymoron

    “Hey, I built my house on a flood plain, what could possibly go wrong?”

    It also seems like the patio drainage wasn’t built properly either, with all that pooling water immediately next to the house.

  • mynameisalso

    They saw the day before it almost breeched the earth levee they built. Had plenty of time to stack sand bags.

  • Met2000

    this was in Pine Valley UT, near the town of Enterprise. Yet another (badly designed?) instant suburb. They are being tossed up all over rural Utah to sell to retirees who want to “get away from it all”. This is doubly hilarious because Washington County is suffering from severe water shortages, partly thanks to excessive suburban growth.

    37.58111849703314, -113.73080854602554

  • Culverts_Flood_Away

    And this, boys and girls, is why you don’t build a subdivision in a floodplain. Mother Earth will ALWAYS reclaim what we’ve taken eventually, but some places will be reclaimed faster than others, lol.

  • wwwertdf

    Is this normal for some neighborhoods? Could some heavy equipment or sandbags prevented this!? I am floored these people are calmly standing around.

  • Myte342

    Did they build their property perfectly level? Doesn’t really look like the water goes anywhere on his patio/lawn, just sits there.

  • milkman1218

    The south west is so dry that even when it rains the water has a hard time soaking into the ground. Eventually most of the water that falls in the south west finds it’s way into the grand canyon. Or what I I like to call it, USA’s shower drain.

  • Arkthus

    Is this something usual? They all look so calm while looking at the thing, like it’s something they see on a regular basis.

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