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From Season 2 Teaser

From Season 2 Teaser

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  • Elyelm

    Happy it’s back, great show, somehow went under the radar, not many people are talking about it.

    Edit: video restricted in my country, any mention of the premiere date in the teaser?

  • AimeeM46

    since this show has many(?) people who wrote or produced LOST, i have a feeling they’ll just keep piling mystery on top of mystery on top of mystery without answering any of these mysteries as the season unfolds. i hope i’m wrong because parts of this show ARE pretty good.

  • eekamuse

    What’s this show about?

    I’m on my ancient tablet, it will take 10 minutes to look it up. Loading is sloooowwww.

    Please and thank you.

  • ImDoingUnbelievable

    I really dug this show, it even released on Saturday night so it became my Sunday morning ritual. The ending was so scuffed and even the last couple of episodes like literally nothing happened, I’m cautiously optimistic for this.

  • Dickpuncher_Dan

    I have had problems accepting Harold Perrineau after LOST. His character was so irritating. He caused, like, 40% of their crises on that damn island. “Walt!” *trashes radar set to try and crawl after Walt. “WAAAALT!” *bashes insulin boxes to smithereens to look for a phone that can reach Walt*

  • Vermilionpulse

    This thing got a season 2? I couldnt even make it through the first, and I thought it started strong. It fell off so quick for me, can anyone vouch for the ~second half of the season? worth picking back up?


    I enjoyed season 1 but the finale answered nothing and gave us 100 more questions. Hope the show gets a proper conclusion and not cancelled.

  • serenehide

    This show had such promise but the logical problems with the world they created and the situation of the inhabitants just utterly kill me. I had to stop because I was getting too riled up watching it wondering why the fuck the people were so dumb and how they had survived for so long.

  • unironicaly_like_jaz

    I love the premise and overall enjoyed the first season but they need to seriously start answering some of the mysteries. They can’t just keep throwing stuff on the pile and not explaining any of it.

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