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“Fatal Attraction” Teaser Trailer – Paramount+

“Fatal Attraction” Teaser Trailer – Paramount+

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  • stumpcity

    All I know about this show is that if they’re going to do it, they need to rectify the massive mistake Lyne made for the theatrical release, where he effectively disemboweled the story he was telling by turning Alex into a campy horror-movie villain.

    A great primer on what happened there and how goddamn gross it was (pretty interesting indictment on the cultural atmosphere when it was released) can be found in the You Must Remember This podcast miniseries about erotic cinema of the 80s.

    Anyway – yeah. If this show lets Pacey off the hook like the movie let Ant-Man off the hook, there’s no fucking point to remaking it at all.

  • TheFlabbs

    This is such an awful point in time where successful movies from the past are turned in to drawn out, hour-long dramas purely for the purpose of checking “modern” boxes I.e. a twist in the narrative to reflect modern storytelling, a bump in resolution that just ends up making it feel squeaky clean, camera shots with the intention of filling people’s 70” screens… all while ignoring what makes something beloved by people in the first place. There is practically never a reason to spend your time watching these drawn out shows when you could spend two hours watching the original version that was able to deliver something more concise in that shorter amount of time

    I just can’t help but feel like there’s some intention with this trend of what seems to be erasing what’s old for what’s new in favor of what we consider to be the standard now, when all that’s done is make everything feel awful, shallow and cheap

  • annoyingrelative

    Fatal Attraction was a product of the times – This series sounds like it’s trying to justify Alex killing a bunny because of childhood trauma and emotional manipulation

    Glenn’s character was supposed to be one dimensional, if you feel sorry for her, there is no point to the movie.

    The reason the original Fatal Attraction worked is because Michael Douglas was seen as an “everyman” back when it was released. His character wasn’t slimy, he screwed up.

    Josh doesn’t give off this vibe at all, he looks schlubby and the type to cheat with interns. You wonder why someone as attractive as Lizzy would end up with Josh in the first place.

    I can’t see watching 8 episodes of justifying the Alex character’s shitty behavior because Josh’s character is manipulative. Focusing on Alex’s mental illness won’t make it easier to watch, even if they make Josh the clear villain.

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