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Finally, a brand that really GETS their customers’ needs.

Finally, a brand that really GETS their customers’ needs.

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  • max

    for people who do not see what is funny:

    there is a toilet outside of the Taco Bell.

    this is funny because Taco Bell is reputed to make you need to use the toilet.

    it is not just a normal toilet-using experience, though: according to legend, if you eat at Taco Bell, your bowels will become the gateway through which the fiery torrents of Hell violently flow, laying waste to all that was once white and untarnished. a cacophonous thunder will spread o’er the land as an unending cascade of thick, oily sludge is expelled from deep within you, harkening an apocalypse painted in shades of fetid mud.

    a toilet being outside of Taco Bell is therefore funny.

  • Daurock

    Plot twist- This taco bell has no working toilet in the restroom.

    Instead, That toilet used to be inside, but after one customer’s epic crap, was broken and is now outside with the trash, leaving no working ones.

  • Belmung

    I get the joke but I’ve honestly never been hurt by Taco Bell.
    Never had to drain the septic tank or mine the brown cavern.
    Cheap & tasty without any danger… Or maybe I just acclimated really fast.

  • Rogaar

    The sad thing is that this is the closest we have in Australia to Mexican food. I wouldn’t eat this garbage if it was free. Everything covered in that processed cheese. Yuck!

  • zmunky

    Lol it’s the truth. I eat that and by the time I finish I have to shit already. Just remember when you eat taco bell you don’t buy it, you rent it.

  • fadilicious17

    Everyone talking about toilets meanwhile I’m here wondering why you chose to emphasize the word “GETS” in the title.

  • Friendofthegarden

    It’s all the preservatives that do it. I eat Mexican food almost everyday, no problems. Buddy brought me Taco Bell a few weeks back and it made my poop sick. If you are not used to heavily processed meals(you really shouldn’t be), you’re gonna have a good time on reddit and create some long lasting elbow marks on your knees while you try to ignore the fallout coming from your colon.

  • Primitive-Mind

    As someone with multiple digestive issues, I’ve never really had a problem with Taco Bell. I’ve eaten everything off the menu and never been turned off by anything.

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