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  • dabcrab

    I love these lawsuits because it’s always so obvious when someone takes the time to cross-compare them with audio layover.

    ***She’s big time fucked now***

  • Mrs_Mumbles69

    “Why sue now?” Hard to find lawyers, sure… But they also just dropped their debut album “Welcome to Florida” on Feb 1. And I’m now listening to it because of the news of the lawsuit… Well played Artikal Sound System, well played. 😂

  • TheOppositeOfDecent

    I think ultimately a case as blatant as this has to be a songwriter casually hearing the original once or twice, then some time later sitting down to write a song and unconsciously recreating that memory, not realizing that’s what they’re doing. I’d imagine that kind of thing happens all the time in music, but most of the time the end result doesn’t become one of the biggest songs of the year.

  • weinerschnitzelboy

    I wrote something similar in Youtube comment, but I think it’s worth writing here. It is undeniable that they both sound very similar. But I think the big challenge is proving that Dua Lipa’s team of producers and songwriters actually stole their song. There have been multiple instances in history where two people independently of each other discover the same concepts within the same time period. And although we know Artikal’s song came out earlier, there needs to be hard proof that her team of producers actually used Artikal’s song as an influence, or whether or not they both were influenced by something that came before that sounded very similar.

  • thebeattakesme

    Tbh I thought that levitating song sounded familiar/was sampling something. But I think it just has a similar vibe to a few songs. I think it sounds like something Bruno Mars would do…kinda

  • BasroilII

    I mean, they both sound like slight variations on a typical funk/disco beat, which back when I first heard Levitating I assumed was the point.

    And even then, it’s just the chorus…if enough of the song is different do four bars constitute enough for a suit? I have no idea, don’t know this kind of law well enough.

    But wouldn’t be surprised if a little hard hunting found more songs older than either with the same note progression.

  • dreamweapon

    The real question is how was the Artikal Sound System song number 2 on the reggae charts when it’s clearly not a reggae song

  • TheVeryAngryPenguin

    There is an episode of Dua lipa writing levitating on song exploder Podcast. The story of the ideas for the song and the melody is at the start of the podcast

  • NotClayMerritt

    There have been so many of these lawsuits the last 5-10 years that I’m just convinced that new popular artists (or their producers/writers) are just doing this shit on purpose and hoping they don’t get caught or that we’ve completed music and there’s nothing left to hear.

  • Redeem123

    I don’t buy the premise that being #2 on the reggae chart means you’re likely to have heard it. Even when I was really good about keeping up with new music, I doubt I ever heard a top five reggae song unless it was a crossover hit… because I don’t listen to reggae.

    I won’t deny that the vibes are *very* similar for those four bars. But it’s also only those four bars.

    It’s a lot closer than many of these other cases though. And I have no doubt they could win their case, considering Blurred Lines lost to the Gaye estate, which was an absolutely baffling decision, and this is far closer than that was.

  • Gregorwhat

    I love this guy’s videos and generally agree with him on most things, **but I have to disagree in this instance.**

    Take almost any pop hit and you’ll find something that is pretty similar that came before it. There are only so many melodies to be made and this one in particular is quite basic and cliche. If we had AI search for similar pop song choruses, I bet we’d find a few more that match just as close.

    Personally I feel like copyright infringement needs to be at least 90% blatant. This is closer to 75-80% and on a very generic (yet catchy) harmony.

    Everyone loves a controversy and won’t hesitate to dump on a pretty pop star, but honestly, **the probability of coincidentally writing this similar melody without direct influence is too high to accuse someone of a crime.**

  • hardonchairs

    The idea of claiming or owning a chord progression or melody is stupid as hell and only serves music industry execs.

  • withmirrors

    She fired her long time management team around the same time the lawsuit happened, I wonder i there’s any connection?

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