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Dolly Parton offstage, 1970s

Dolly Parton offstage, 1970s

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  • jprennquist

    Happy Birthday, Dolly. She is a national treasure. Maybe a global treasure? I guess that is not for me to say. I have loved her since I was about 4 or 5 years old and I will never stop loving her.

  • cptnrandy

    Around 1974/75 (age 14) I worked backstage at my high school when she and an entire country show played there. I was sitting in a folding chair off stage right and watching the show when she appeared. I immediately stood up and offered her my chair.

    She touched me on the cheek and said, “Aren’t you cute!”

    I don’t care what anyone else says, when Dolly Parton says that you’re cute, it’s official.

    Edit: spelling

  • Roltistotem

    My dad used to assemble stages in Phoenix back in the ’70s-’80s and he met Dolly Parton Backstage a few times and he said she was the nicest person.

    On the other side, he said Tina Turner was awful, She would make them build a tunnel so she would not have to see any of the people working at the venue.

    He also had a pretty good story about falling asleep below the stage once before a show and being woken up by the pyrotechnics of ACDC. He said it was terrifying but it’s a good story.

  • The_Patriot

    My childhood neighbor wrote this song. Went straight to #1. His mom never considered him a “star” until Dolly did a version.

  • itsjero

    Shes taken over for betty white, even though shes been a national treasure in her own right for seemingly ever.

    Awesome person. Love the books for kids thing she does, and thats just one awesome thing she does.

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