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Dennis cracks the code for Millennials [Always Sunny]

Dennis cracks the code for Millennials [Always Sunny]

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  • RubiksSugarCube

    Honestly one of the best bits of social commentary the show has ever delivered. This can be evidenced by attempting to have a dialogue about a current event on this very website. People have been conditioned to go to their respective corners and block out anything that may be contrary to their mindset, and this has made it impossible to inject nuance into conversations.

    If we largely insist on operating in bubbles of confirmation bias, then we lose our ability to function as a society.

  • urbrickles

    “Generations” aren’t a real thing anyways. An older millennial, say age 41, is much more likely to be similar to a young gen x person aged 43 than they are a young millennial aged 27.

  • The-Goliath

    Love when people post stuff from always sunny like the evolution argument and miss the point that all the characters are sociopathic monsters.

  • crystalistwo

    Dennis shouldn’t be a beacon of generational relations. It’s good to laugh at him, but he should be right like a broken clock. Twice a day.

    Are people in echo chambers? Fucking right, they are.

    But if Dennis is right all the time, then the viewer has crossed into Joker fanboy territory.

  • thegeekist

    It is hilarious watching the people in this thread worshiping this idea.

    As soon as the characters say something they agree with they forget that IASIP is a show about terrible people and anything they say is dumb as shit.

    If you ever find yourself agreeing with any of these characters its a sign that you need to reevaluate everything about yourself.

  • slabby

    I feel like this isn’t meant to stand as some generational critique. It’s supposed to read as Dennis being a psychopath who cannot understand this woman’s sense of empathy. Sorta like when people talk about “virtue signaling”, because they cannot even comprehend a world where people actually care.

  • polkemans

    This is actually a real conversational tool. Mirroring. And I do it all the time when people say something I don’t really know how to respond to. I’ll say it back to them, usually the last few words. Like a summary of what they just said. Most of the time they will continue to go on and hopefully give me something to work it. Works like a charm.

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