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Blink-182 – Adam’s Song played live tonight for the first time in 9 years

Blink-182 – Adam’s Song played live tonight for the first time in 9 years

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  • muffinmanman123

    Was this received as a good performance at the venue? Tom looked like he was just there so he wouldn’t get fined 😕 and he played with about as much enthusiasm too.

  • CircuitSymphony

    I still remember them playing this right after DJ AM’s death in their first reunion tour. Definitely one of the most emotional performances I’ve ever seen, especially with Mark sounding choked up throughout the song.

  • NKevros

    Um. Did Mark change the lyrics? It’s supposed to be “Please tell mom this is not her fault” and it *sounds* like he says “Please tell mom this is all her fault”

  • triggerpuller666

    Oh look, Blink-182 still fuckin sucks. Hope the cost of tickets was worth it to people who actually like them.

  • Eriiiii

    blink’s guitars on the album were not tom… ive seen them live twice and thats the only thing i can think that would make someone be so bad at playing their own music

  • BoardGameBologna

    Horrible performance all around.

    These guys fell off super hard after their self-titled album. After that maybe one or two good songs, AND their recent stuff is just awful!

  • f1modsarethebest

    Tom is the worst in just about every way.

    But man, you really have to envy him. So utterly devoid of shame.. it’s like a super power.

  • Munson4657

    I recently had someone point out the lyrical call back to Nirvana’s “Come as you are”. Couldnt believe I never noticed before.

  • barrinmw

    Thank god it was too expensive for me to go to. I will just have my memories of seeing them at the Sacramento Amphitheater in high school.

  • wehaddababyeetsaboy

    Lots of hate in this thread, but it sounded good, do you want them to be jumping through the roof at 50 years old?

  • Eremitt

    I didn’t get to see them back in highschool because my parents thought I’d have sex and use drugs.

    But I do get to see them in two weeks with my wife on our 10 year anniversary. I don’t give a shit if they aren’t young or the energy isn’t there. I want the highschool version of me to know things got better and I can experience the things that make me happy. I’m fucking pumped for this show and the Deathcab and Postal Service shows.

    It works out, kiddo

  • iisdmitch

    *First time with Tom in 9 years. I saw them 3 times with Matt and they played it every time (in 2019 they did Enema of the State all the way through for it’s 20th anniversary).

  • runningmurphy

    It sucks to see. Band you used to live just decay like this. Travis Barker was a huge infton me as a drummer. It’s too bad Tom still acts like moody 23 year old. Sorry to fans but Tom ruined it all.

  • Tighten_Up

    First time in 9 years… with Tom. I saw them play it on the Enema anniversary tour with Matt Skiba a few years back. They brought out some young emo rapper guy to sing it. I was not pleased.

  • threenil

    People are mad that Tom isn’t being crude or super enthusiastic during a Mark-centric song that’s about suicidal ideation and depression so it doesn’t really call for that type of energy? Good lord.

  • anacondatmz

    I remember walking out of a Warped Tour concert back in ’98. As I was leaving some guy shoved a flyer in my hand – Blink 182, 12 bucks at a local college bar back when they were still fairly unknown at that point. I didn’t get to see that 12 dollar show an have been kickin myself for a couple years now. I finally get to right that wrong next Friday. So stoked.

  • damp_s

    ITT people forgetting Mark is less than a year cancer free from stage 4 lymphoma, shits gonna affect you…

    Also it’s always been marks song why are people beefing with Tom?

  • Chatteramba

    They were absolutely great at Coachella. Then hey came back for Stage Coach. I don’t think they played Adam’s Song because it is a emotion-heavy song.

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