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South Park- Cartman discovers Family Guys big secret

South Park- Cartman discovers Family Guys big secret

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  • JackFisherBooks

    Over the years, Family Guy has become less funny and worth watching.

    Over that same period, South Park has remained consistently funny and on point.

    This episode still acts as a nice benchmark, showing why South Park has had such staying power and why Family Guy is just sort of…there.

  • Sir_Bantersaurus

    Every time I watched Family Guy after watching this South Park episode I would have ‘you think THAT’S Bad’ in my head for every cut away joke

  • Boner_Patrol_007

    I introduced my girlfriend at the time to South Park, who was a Family Guy fan, by showing her the Cartoon Wars two-parter.

    After that, we’d watch newer episodes of Family Guy where they missed a lot more on their jokes in my opinion and, after a whiff of a cutaway, she’d say, “Geez, the manatees really screwed that one up.”

  • romesthe59

    I find family guy funny for what it is. Knowing full well they don’t have the writing capability of South Park and definitely not of classic Simpsons. But the show still has still given me some good laughs through the years.

  • aim_so_far

    Family Guy and South Park just have different methods of doing comedy. Family Guy is focused on the individual joke or punch line, and often doesn’t care too much about story. South Park likes to have an over-arching theme and ties jokes together to tell a story and often to ham-first moral posturing and political opinion. Sometimes I like one or the other. South Park tends to have a more conventional comedic approach similar to the Simpsons, but Family Guy has some excellent singular jokes or skits. It’s like some people enjoy Friends, some people enjoy Seinfeld, and then some enjoy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They are all comedic sitcoms, but tell their jokes in very different ways.

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