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Artie Bucco Would Like You To Try Some Food

Artie Bucco Would Like You To Try Some Food

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  • Jack_O_Blades

    Ah the ol’ “I know you ordered a super expensive wine, but since you’re the mob bosses wife and I probably have to comp your order, I think you should try this much nicer and way less expensive wine, trust me it pairs better”

  • HoldMyPooWithUrLuv

    All I am going to say is if you put fennel sausage in a quail the whole damn thing is going to just taste like fennel sausage and nothing else, so um… Don’t do that.

  • TheBigIdiotSalami

    I remember hearing someone say that Artie never let the mob guys order off the menu because he was giving them the cheap shit dressed up nice cause he knew they never pay anyway.

  • Alan_Smithee_

    To each their own, but I started shaving my head, when I realised I had Artie’s hair, and what’s the point of that?

  • ExtremeGayMidgetPorn

    Artie is the most genuine performance in the show for me. He truly felt like an actual person stuck between a rock and a hard place being friends with Tony and the mob. Not that Carmela or the kids didn’t have their own struggles, but Artie seemed so real.

  • blinkdmb

    There was an Artie Bucco spicy spaghetti sauce they sold at the stores. It was songood I miss it so much lol.

  • the5horsemen

    And then after all he’s done Tony destroys his livelihood and makes him “complicit in criminal conspiracy”. He really fucked this guy over.

  • jessie_monster

    Jesus Christ, that gorgeous jawline. How is it possible to find a guy with a pencil moustache so incredibly hot? An Italian-American mystery.

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