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A friend of mine was in the hospital and had to wait too long to be brought her discharge paperwork before she got restless…

A friend of mine was in the hospital and had to wait too long to be brought her discharge paperwork before she got restless…

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  • LL112

    Is your friend an adult? This is incredibly petulant and lame in a setting where people are busting their ass to help you.

  • teddypa1981

    This is hilarious. I’ll bet the medical staff laughed about that. Get a sense of humor, people. She didn’t mean anything by it. She was just playing around. Good grief. Stop getting offended by every little thing. 😒

  • glinks

    Those boards are mostly for the patient. The nurses already know who the patient’s nurses/doctors/plans are. If more patients did this, i would think it’s funny. What else are you gonna do while in a hospital room?

  • peralt_uh

    FACT: This is hillarious.
    ALSO FACT: The people who are offended are the ones who know nothing about the medical field.

  • Mushroom_Glans

    Last time I was in the hospital, at 8:00 a.m. the doctor said I could be discharged. I was happy to go home. By the time all the crap was wrapped up it was 3:00 p.m. I was so frustrated I forgot my take home materials, so I can relate.

  • Competitive-Boat4592

    This is Facebook meme type humor, and I guarantee nurses and CNAs roasted the hell outta this person at the nurses station right after.

  • QuinceJellyPie

    Welcome to the 6th floor, bitch! I’m not locked up in here with you. *You’re* locked up in here with *me*!!!

  • bigmama3

    When I was in labor with my youngest our board said “goal for the day: have a baby. Or two! (Per dad)”. He was joking, they laughed and wrote it on the board. It was great fun for all involved.

    They probably would have gotten a kick out of most of this stuff. Maybe not the drunk or 2 bottles of pills comment, because baby, haha.

  • SuperCuriousBrain

    I don’t freaking blame them. My least favorite thing to do as a nurse is discharging because everything is completely out of our power. The best we can do is show them we are making a continuous effort to get them home and chase the freaking doctors and pharmacists around with pages to get them home.

  • allhailqueenspinoodi

    Why does nobody seem to understand that just because a doctor drops the word discharge, does not meanyou get to go home immediately?

    That’s just literally the moment the doctor decides you can go. Then they have to find their way over to a computer, enter the orders, and prepare their section of the discharge paperwork. Pharmacy, case management, PT, OT, RT, and any other consulting teams like wound care or specialists also have to approve discharge and complete their section of the paperwork. Nurses have to prep all this paperwork, make sure your discharge prescriptions get to the correct pharmacy, make sure you’re stable enough and have all your lines removed. If you’re being sent home with equipment like a cpap or an o2 tank, that also takes time. And transport home is also being coordinated during all this.

    Not to mention we have other patients that may *not* be stable. It’s fucking exhausting. Like sorry you get a little restless.

  • joekak

    The worst and funniest discharge I ever had: internal medicine and GI doc signed off on me going home, after 6 days in the hospital. General hospitalist hasn’t signed off, comes to my room and asks me a bunch of questions, and the last one is “How much alcohol have you consumed in the past 48 hours?”

    “Uh…. I haven’t had a drink for about two years. I’ve been here for a week, and to be honest, I’m going to be a little pissed off if beer was on the menu and I didn’t see it.”

  • XXXLoneSnoopy

    Not funny. Those poor staff members are probably trying their hardest to get that paperwork as fast as possible. Healthcare workers are chronically understaffed, faced with physical and emotional abuse from patients and family, and work ridiculous hours all while trying to perform to high expectations. Your friend and you are jerks. I commend anyone that can endure working in the patient side of the hospital.

  • KamikazeFox_

    Trust me, we are trying to get you out, but when I have 2 other discharges, a admission thst just rolled on the floor, 2 call bells going off and a guy who needs blood transfusion, it’s rough.

    2 yrs ago it was fine. Had 5 patients I could care for.
    Now I have 7 and want to run my car into a tree on my way to work.
    Have pitty on us. We have tripled our work load and haven’t seen a dime more for it.

    While most ppl got to work from home, we still had to fight back covid.
    Fuck this job.

  • Phreakydeke27

    Being discharged always takes time. I’m someone who is in the hospital many times a year. It always takes forever to get discharged. Usually takes hours. What I’ve done is usually make sure I’m getting discharged and have my doctors write the orders early.

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