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Youtuber Sued by Roblox for $1.6 Million Speaks Out

Youtuber Sued by Roblox for $1.6 Million Speaks Out

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  • flappers87

    I don’t follow roblox or anything like that, so I have no stake in this… but I fail to see how making a video trying to defend himself is going to help the lawsuit. Perhaps he should be putting all of that into his official defense when it rolls around in court?

    If the guy is innocent, then the evidence should speak for itself. It shouldn’t be difficult to prove/ disprove that the guy did what they claim he did, especially when everything is recorded online.

  • Summebride

    In the course of looking into this, I learned the lawsuit was settled very recently.

    At first glance, it appears Roblox has soundly lost in this settlement.

    The agreed upon restraints against the youtuber are kind of silly as many of them would exist already in civil and criminal law. It’s things like “Youtuber may not make terroristic threats against Roblox” and “Youtuber may not make false accusations against Roblox.

    Uh, great, but you don’t need a settlement for that. If someone makes a terrorist threat, call law enforcement. If someone makes a damaging false statement, sue them. You don’t need that to be enshrined in a settlement.

    I don’t trust the youtuber any further than I could throw him, so maybe he’s misrepresenting the settlement. But when I first learned of this lawsuit, my immediate reaction was: the company could just ban him from the platform. Near as I can tell, the settlement tries to enshrine that too. It restricts the YouTuber from accessing any part of Roblox that requires an account. Sounds like the same could be achieved by locking the account.

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