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Yanks figure out pitcher is tipping his pitches, a Jomboy breakdown

Yanks figure out pitcher is tipping his pitches, a Jomboy breakdown

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  • schizzie

    As someone who has never watched a baseball game in their life, it’s cool to see that theres a lot more of a mental game going on then I would have assumed. Mildly interesting!

  • 13esq

    Can someone let me know what “tipping pitches” is? I know nothing about baseball.

    Edit: Thanks all! I’m somewhere that I can’t watch the video but was intrigued. Thanks 🙂

  • glennromer

    “What is tipping his pitches?”

    They figured out the opposing pitcher has a tell, like in poker, and they could determine if a fastball or an off-speed pitch (curveball or change-up, generally) was coming next by how he came set before his windup. Then the Tigers caught on and tried to throw them off.

  • YetiGuy

    Can somebody explain why the pitcher stairs at the third base before throwing a fastball? Is it something he is alerting his team to expect a fast ball, or something he just does without knowing? It’s a weird thing to do right before the fast ball.

  • mr_deleeuw

    I watched this game last night. I knew something was up when in the 5th inning the Yankees just started cranking out hits. This was a cool explainer to watch.

    Apple’s doing a lovely job with Friday Night Baseball. Wish the Tigers had more games on it.

  • BrockAtWork

    That was awesome. I don’t really watch sports much these days. But every time I see some sort of break down from this Jomboy dude I always watch and it’s almost always worth it. I don’t k ow anything about him nor the players involved, but it’s always an interesting watch.

  • slappychappy04

    Never in my life have I ever had any interest in baseball… but these videos always reel me in, great content and learn a lot each time

  • nowdontbehasty

    I gave this a try because I think baseball is boring but maybe I’d like the mechanics….very wrong, still super boring to watch!

  • jeffroddit

    Did he say they have some kind of in ear communicator with buttons or something for calling pitches? When and why did that happen?

  • Grisward

    This video may make this pitcher into a star. Imagine he stops tipping his pitches, even starts faking the wrong tip to mess with batters. Yeah this is the start of something good for him. (Assuming he watches this video.)

    He has good stuff, if he’s also unpredictable, maybe even gets people to guess wrong, he’s going to win games.

    Also, he probably shouldn’t feel so bad about giving up 10, because now he knows! His whole career changed right there.


    I wonder why he looks at third for a fastball? I only pitched through high school, but even then I tried to be aware how it looks to change grip on the ball for fastball, curve, slider, split-finger. Don’t make it obvious, right? I usually started with the hardest grip to set up, so any change would be quick and easy. He probably looks to third while he sets the grip. For slider, I bet he already starts with that grip so he doesn’t need to adjust, so no look-away to third. That’s my guess anyway.

    Would be a really cool interview question, ask him why he looked to third. Especially good question to ask in two years right after he wins a Cy Young. (Put my prediction down now btw.) haha

    Good luck to him!

  • ElGuapo21

    the most nonsensical absurd attempt at describing something that wasn’t.. clearly the yankee hitters had no clue what pitch was coming based on anything.. look at the trevino at bat halfway through the video.. chasing sliders out of the zone, swinging at two high fast balls way out of the zone.. there was clearly no advantage whatsoever to this guys “theory” of them knowing the pitches. Stupid and complete waste of time for anyone who watched this and especially this guy who made it

  • BlargAttack

    I love this guy’s videos. I only found them recently and now I can’t get enough. I even love how he weaves in the sponsor ads…super smooth!

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