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What We Do In The Shadows | Season 4 Teaser – Party | FX

What We Do In The Shadows | Season 4 Teaser – Party | FX

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  • ymcameron

    Oh my gosh baby Colin Robinson continues to be absolutely terrifying.

    Also, I don’t think anyone thought they would, but I’m glad to see they’re not keeping everyone separate all season like was implied in the season 3 finale.

  • suddenlyuse

    Season 4 comes out July 12!

    my only wish this season is to have the new colin robinson added in the opening credits and hopefully changes every few episode. the three variations they did last season (especially for the finale) was surprisingly hilarious.

  • Dawesfan

    Is Kristen Schaal a main cast member now?

    Edit: Geez a lot of mixed opinions on her character and her as an actress. I honestly wasn’t expecting that because I think she’s hilarious.

    But anyway, I was just asking because I was curious that a guest/recurring character showed up on the promo.

  • rfreho

    I feel like we just got season 3. I’ve gotten used to waiting 2 or 3 years for new seasons of shows I like. Awesome news

  • paternalpadfoot

    Season 3 was far and away my favorite season of comedic television from the last 5 years. I’m interested to see how they’re going to fix the split that happened during the finale, but this teaser certainly has me hyped.

  • Nnnnnnnadie

    Not a fan of it, it feels off. Baby Colin Robinson seems boring to me, it was one of the best characters of that show and they practically killed him. Honestly i feel like the writting was off last season, hopefully this one will be better. Also, wherent all them separated?

  • fieldOfThunder

    Not hopeful after the absolute nosedive in quality of the last season. It went from one of my fav shows to bland and even bad.

  • Planet_Serpo

    I love this show. The Baron, The Hound and The Sire living together last season was legitimately one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  • D3monFight3

    This was awful, Nandor still on his stupid marriage quest, Nadja barely did anything, Laszlo sex hahaha, guide for some reason and Guillermo clowning around.

    It genuinely feels like season 3 onwards is a different show, season 1-2 it was about a bunch of vampires stuck in the past and not meshing well with contemporary american life despite all their supernatural shit. Season 3 and probably 4 seems to be about wacky vampires doing wacky shit for no real discernable reason. Which may seem similar but is actually very different.

  • vilkav

    The baby Colin VFX looks terrible. I love it. My favourite parts in S3 were the obviously low-budget VFX of the torso riding the dog, or the gargoyle’s actor nose being seen in his neck.

  • Tatis_Chief

    I honestly don’t remember a last time we had a show, where I absolutely loved every main character. When people ask me who is your favourite, I just can’t decide. They are all lovely wierdos.

  • Qweniden

    Hmmm. Honestly I am slightly worried. The first two seasons were great. The third season was decent but the characters were starting to get a bit flanderized. Im not sure this teaser is headed in the right direction.

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