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Supermax — World of Today [Austrian Disco Funk] (1977)

Supermax — World of Today [Austrian Disco Funk] (1977)

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  • Wolfgang_von_Goetse

    Weird story about how I found this track. It’s not *super* obscure, Supermax had a fairly successful run, but how I found it was pretty crazy.

    I actually heard a Hungarian (I think) cover version of the song first while mindlessly browsing soviet/post-soviet classic rock playlists (great hobby btw highly recommend) —

    Really loved it so went to find more by the band, but there was nothing. Like at all. Delved deep into all my googling tricks and came up empty, so I took a punt and posted it in /r/Hungary thinking maybe someone there would know who the band is.

    Nobody there had any clue either, except one guy who recognized it as a Supermax song because he heard them play it during a concert in Germany in the 1980s.

    Still have no idea who the band is that recorded the cover, but this version is high quality as fuck so I stopped wondering pretty quickly.

  • SunnyHappyMe

    in Ukraine it was very fashionable in the late 70’s

    wonderful memories of youth

    despite all the shit of the USSR

    everything seemed to be banned and very poor.


    Greetings to all the people of Khmelnytsky who visited the “Dream” cafe at that time, near the Philharmonic Hall and the “Teapot” cafe in the evenings were the centers of sale of all illegal, Western, fashionable and stolen from the regional pharmacy warehouse. is there anyone else alive? 😀

  • yeuxrevolvers

    I don’t remember how I found the song “It’s a long way to reach heaven”, but after that, this group became one of my favourite.

    Thanks for sharing this song here

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