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Sad but true

Sad but true

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  • lyricalhitman

    “Played best with friends” really means “We created a shitty 4 person looter shooter and these quests get really boring alone.”

  • adelkander

    Honestly I learned something during my last years: if everyone says a game has the best graphics, best controls, best story and best everything…make sure to look yourself, it might be very overrated and not like that. They may be right, but enjoyment is extremely subjective.

    Seriously, look the games yourselves, or try a demo before following trends!

  • Talestra

    IDK i don’t think the game version of Apple Mongers was faithful to the source material. They even dropped the whole Red Orchard arc which is probably the most interesting arc in the entire series.

  • Good_Reporter2200

    Put off Barotrauma for this exact reason. Heard about it so much and bought it on a Humble Bundle sale for 7.50. Went through tutorials and joined a small public game and it was actually really nice, spent 5 hours in the server before feeling like I should leave because it was very late.

  • CaptConstantine

    I just wish there was more variety in multiplayer.

    Do you want to race, shoot, or fight? Those are your pick up and play options.

    Do you want to play a massive MMO where you are surrounded by thousands of players riding giant spiders and flaming dragons everywhere? It sure feels like an epic adventure when you creep up to the ancient tomb and see a line of players running out as you go running in.

    Do you want a survival game like Rust or Ark? Quick, build a house! Okay, that’s basically all the objectives. What’s next?

    Do you want to squad up and take on the AI? 4 players max, no exceptions.

    I wish there was something a little closer to D&D. I know that’s not possible in modern video games but I want to go on a quest with just a few friends. Like an MMO but with only my party, or perhaps like GTAO where there are 20 or so players in the whole world, so that seeing another player would be a massive event. I want magical items that can’t be forged or auctioned or buffed or dropped. I want to have a magic ring because I personally found a magic ring, and it’s the only one in the game. And my partner has a bow that was enchanted as a thanks to a previous quest. And it doesn’t have to last forever, it can be a campaign that has an ending as long as it’s satisfying.

    I also want a 3rd person Overwatch clone with X-Men characters.

  • deadly-cat

    i like team games because solo pvp games well i get destroyed more times than i get a kill but in team games i can just stay near my allies and use them as backup and a defense for when i am being shot (or slashed or blasted or burnt or ect) and i am reloading (or regenerating mana or crafting new weapons) plus i mean which is better a solo pvp game were annoying people will team on everyone and everyone is out to get you or a team pvp game were teaming is pointless (since everyone is on a team) and not everyone is out to get you

  • g0ldv1per

    I grew up in the Appalachian region, so I didn’t have anything better than dial-up til 2014. As such, If a game doesn’t have a single-player (or couch co-op) campaign or mode, I refuse to play it just out of principle. I always felt like online-only games were a slap in the face to my fellow poor kids. I know this isn’t a popular position, and I’m okay with that.

  • NotNotACrab

    That’s me with Valheim. It’s too slow for me to play alone long-term and it seems like a great game to play with other people.

  • DrSmirnoffe

    That’s the trouble with things that are best played with friends, even when friends genuinely elevate an already solid experience. Even if you have a big group of friends, you’re dealing with dozens of schedules, so arranging a game night is like plotting a course for a rocket to traverse the Solar System. So many factors to factor into the equation, so many celestial bodies to monitor until they align just right for the perfect journey.

  • BespokeObject82

    My experience with the first “The Division”. Fun as hell, but so repetitive that if played alone bores you in 20hrs

  • Alhazzared

    Pretty much any game that you can play with friends is best played with friends. But like Valheim is best played with friends, solo play is still very fukkn fun

  • RageTiger

    *laughs* Legend of Zebra and Fursona 5.

    *goes back to playing “Paper Please”* oh shit, the stall without a roll. NOOOOOoooooooooooo

  • randelung

    Best played with friends because more and more games expect you to create your own content or that for your friends. Can’t get a decent single player story? Play with friends, they’re funny, right? You’ve seen streamers’ YouTube clips, it’s just like them!

    Basically sandbox with DIY content.

  • ApprehensiveTruth330

    Truth. I’m over multiplayer. I never preferred it to begin with. This trend of trying to force me to rebuy a game over and over to be compatible with a new friend just starting to play … final straw.

    Mainly, I’m just tired of my enjoyment of a video game being dependant on other people. I have other activities for being social. I want my time spent on video games to be my selfish time to only do whatever I want… no pubescents talking about how everyone is gay and, (ironically in the same breath,) rag on girls, no weird drama he said she said, no activists wanting to discuss real world problems and bring that into my efforts to find some escapism, no feeling bummed and having nothing to do if someone doesn’t show up, no griefers.

    Just me and my game.

  • JagoKestral

    There are legitimately several games I really want to play but don’t have a crew to play with so I can’t. Embr, GTFO, etc.

  • Dominisi

    I feel like I’m one of the few people who enjoy games you can play solo OR with friends. I much more enjoy playing solo but being able to interact at will if I want without being required to join a group for anything.

    Seems like more and more games are leaning into required group play.

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