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Finally, my dream Kitchen remodel is complete! (Dog not included)

Finally, my dream Kitchen remodel is complete! (Dog not included)

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  • bendover912

    How did you start this? I’m basically just looking for a general approach, like –

    1. We did it ourselves.

    2. We went to a local company that advertisers home remodel services.

    3. We went to one of the big home improvement retail stores and they did it.

    4. We hired a general contractor.

  • NoFunHere

    The after is nice, definitely like the floor, lights, and hood better.

    But the overall wood look and U-shaped counter of the before is my preference.

  • carlos0141

    I love it! I personally would have kept the wood paneling as I really like the look of the shiplap. I really like the addition of the large standing cabinets. Did you have any problems with enclosing the fridge, I’m looking at doing the same to my kitchen but I don’t want to lock myself in a certain fridge size.

  • reefshadow

    I like some elements. Many actually, so don’t feel bad. Opinions are like assholes anyhow, right? The new look is almost entirely cold and I don’t think that is going to last stylistically, though I love white cabinets and light counters myself. However it was a sin (a SIN!) to remove that ceiling. I can’t believe you did that, I just can’t even. I personally would have done everything you did except left the ceiling and made the floor echo it with warm tones. It was lovely and I has a sad. If there is any chance it’s still under the new material, maybe you can bring it back later when the cold trend dies (as it is right now).

  • fiveironfreshy

    I love it all but the ceiling. I can’t help but think what a nice dark stain on that would look like with the updates. I’m jealous of the oven hood though

  • Lunar_Landing_Hoax

    I can’t believe you covered the wood on the ceiling. Your kitchen now looks like every kitchen you see in every base model new build across the United States.

  • Megouski

    ………………. the before looked more like a warm, cozy home.

    Id love to remodel my kitchen like that.


    The after looks cold souless ad in a reality book with no history or flavor. White on white on white. Less counter space. Drywall instead of the natural warm wood. The only thing even slightly better to me here is the floor.

  • PeaceoutSeacrestt

    Everyone’s going all white these days! That being said it looks great. Since it’s a comment I thought I’d add my two cents…try dark blue accents

  • Assidental1

    WTF. Why did you touch that beautiful wooden ceiling? I don’t understand how people manage to royally fuck up beautiful interior and exterior features. The interior is also all white now and looks sterile. If you at least left the ceiling, you’d have some natural , warm contrast.

  • DenidilCascadia

    If you like it that is great, but i would have kept the ceiling and would have gone for newer matching wood cabinets, and a darker stone counter top. but that’s me!

  • tinacat933

    All that work and the cabinets don’t go to the ceiling on that cabinet to the right of the sink

    I would have made that right cabinet level with the countertop to make it less cluncky and added more storage under the island -which now looks undersized . Definitely room to add cabinets there instead

  • Chinozerus

    Ngl apart from the floor it looks like a downgrade to me.

    The generic white IKEA style is absolutely not my cup of tea.

    In the end you need to be happy about it, but you came here so you get my opinion.

  • forevericeland

    My favorite thing is when people post their home remodeling before and after pics and a majority of people like the before better…something about it just makes me giggle while feeling a twinge sorry for OP.

  • hardlyhumble

    Sorry OP but this is actually a minor fuck up. Your remodel could’ve been nicer and cheaper with just paint + new tiling.

  • Roltistotem

    The first one looks much better. I think only the tiles and the light fixtures needed to be fixed. What you did to the ceiling should be a crime. But anyway live your best life. I don’t think our tastes are the same. However, I have been around very high-level carpenters my entire life. my family has been doing carpentry for about 7 generations.

  • Skydome12

    if the bottom one is the after and it’s the same house, it looks WORSE (Ignoring the flooring) glad you’re happy with it but i would be immediatly wanting to gut it and re-do it.

  • SupBuzz

    Way to sterile for me, why does everyone do this now? Feels cold and no flavor or personality. I feel more comfortable just looking at the before photo haha. No hate though that’s impressive work, nice.

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