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Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS | Official Trailer

Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS | Official Trailer

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  • Stonewalled89

    Looks like some good casting for Elvis but surprisingly, instead of Colonel Parker all I can see his Tom Hanks speaking with a weird accent

  • SpiritOne

    Baz has a signature style, it’s one I like. Looks good, Hanks looks weird, but again that’s part of Baz’s style, weird bizarre characters that you totally love (John leguizamo as Toulouse).


    Wonder if they’ll cover Elvis’ later years in the old folks home with black JFK and the mummy who steals your soul via your asshole.

  • Sad_Lawfulness_7049

    Despite some weird makeup choices for Tom hanks…still really excited for this movie…its got good talent behind it.. hoping its good

  • brainensmoothed

    Wow, I’m normally not interested in biopics, but it looks like Luhrmann was a great fit for this. Interested to see if it can maintain that energy for the entire runtime or if it will settle into standard biopic territory. Fingers crossed, because it looks like Baz is bringing it.

  • Crystal_Pesci

    This is the first time I have ever seen someone’s name listed *twice* in the Screenplay credits. That’s endlessly fascinating.

    That said, this looks fucking terrific. Shine on Baz Luhrman, you crazy diamond, you!

  • MoonMan997

    Hanks has been playing it pretty straight for a while now so as goofy as he looks/sounds here it’s honestly a breath of fresh air.

  • PowSuperMum

    Can’t wait for a scene where someone is mad at Elvis and yells at him you ain’t nothing but a hound dog, cut to him recording the song.

  • Wilt123456

    What a roller coaster (ferris wheel?) Of a trailer. I thought it looked corny, and then amazing. cheap, and then expensive. Rolled my eyes, And then got chills in the final 30 seconds.
    I’ll see it. Luhrmann always gets the benefit of the doubt from me.

  • OprahOpera

    This looks gorgeous and honestly very good. Seems to focus on a part of Elvis i wouldn’t expect (civil rights, his relationship between black and white communities) which sounds so incredibly interesting. This is my most anticipated film in a loooong time.

  • afty

    Looks fucking rad to me (Tom Hanks being distractingly like Tom Hanks in makeup aside).

    I really like how they portrayed women’s (and young people’s) reaction to him and his music. It’s so easy to overlook how culturally impactful his sound and his movements were in his time. You listen to it now and we’ve heard it a thousand times so it’s hard to contextualize.

    I also think he had a really interesting (and super tragic) life- he lived most of it with very little agency and despite his wealth, it was pennies on the dollar compared to what was made off him. Plus he was super unhealthy near the end but still when he sang, even when he was visibly fucked between songs, he sounded 25.

    Pumped for this.

  • wadedanger

    my intense desire to never watch a movie about elvis conflicting with my intense desire to finally watch a new baz luhrmann movie

  • GooseAsaurusRex

    Saw this in a test screening about a month ago. Baz’s best work by a country mile. Hopefully it makes Austin Butler a star because he’s magnificent.

    Also Kelvin Harrison Jr continues to blow me away with each new role.

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