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Archive 81 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Archive 81 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  • m0ondogy

    Didn’t know they made a show, cool.

    Spoilers for source material below.

    >!The audio drama/podcast was pretty solid. Looks like they are combining the first 2 seasons into one for the show. They may be holding off an showing the stuff from season 3 because it gets very body horror like a Cronenberg movie with touches of The Magicians tv show with off beat magic rituals.!<

    I’ll watch, but im not inspired by the trailer. Seems like a “been there done that” kinda show. The world, However, is rich enough to be worth while.

  • Madao16

    They finally relased the trailer. I am really excited for this show. Netflix alone is satisfying my hunger for horror-thriller and big part goes to Mike Flanagan about that. I am assuming his new show which is Midnight Club will be released this year too and he has two more upcoming shows too.

  • drelos

    >Series Directed byRebecca Thomas … (4 episodes,)Haifaa Al-Mansour … (2 episodes)Justin Benson … (2 episodes)Aaron Moorhead … (2 episodes)

    Those last 2 co-directed Spring, The Endless and Synchronic

  • T3chnocrat

    One of the first podcast audio dramas I ever listened to, and my absolute favorite. I’m both excited for this, and *extremely* worried. I’m going to watch and hope they do it justice. Season 1 of the podcast was fine, if not a bit odd, but in Seasons 2 and 3 they found their stride and it was one hell of an experience.

  • Apatharas

    Archive 81 is one of the best audio drama series I have ever listened to. Each season was unique and culminating into the best season of audio fiction I’ve ever heard.

    I’m cautiously excited for this and super happy for the guys involved in the audio drama production for this getting off the ground like this!

  • silverback_79

    Netflix: “Fuck it, let’s just show the whole show in the trailer, blow by blow. Didn’t Reddit/r/science state that spoilers made people more likely to watch, not less?”

  • itsalwaysblue59

    Oh man I absolutely loved this podcast back in the day. I think I only listened to S1 tho so some of this will be a surprise for me. I have high hopes since the directors of the endless, spring, etc etc are directing some episodes.

  • eggsistoast

    I’M SO PUMPED FOR THIS! This podcast was so cool. I loved the genre shift between season 1 and 2 from found footage to surreal/cosmic/body-horror. I wonder if they’ll adapt all 3 seasons?

  • menevets

    Martin Donovan again as the mysterious guy who reveals barely enough. Cool seeing him in these roles having first seen him all those years ago in the Hal Hartley movies.

  • led3777

    Just finished it. Underwhelming. Doubt we will get any of the stranger seasons so no RoboDan or energy man who loves fried chicken

  • Artking187

    This show is garbage on garbage and I’m ashamed to be a James wan fan even if he didn’t write it or whatever he still put his name on it so he a sellout so tired of fake horror it’s disgusting

  • Toni45161

    It’s gripping and engaging. Twists and turns that one wouldn’t expect. A perfect mix of horror, thriller and the psychological. It’s fresh and captures the viewer from the get go. It’s impossible not to binge watch, the acting performance was flawless and the visuals add to the total immersion. A throughly impressive show from start to finish, the wait for season two will be a hardship.

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