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Zao – The final Ghost [ metalcore] (2021)

Zao – The final Ghost [ metalcore] (2021)

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  • inebriates

    Holy shit, I had no idea Zao was still around and making new music–I saw them back in ’00 and they put on a hell of a show, but my tastes changed over the years and I forgot them. They’re pretty far away from what I listen to now, but I just listened to most of that album and the whole thing is pretty solid.

    Sidenote: you inspired me to go back and listen to some Norma Jean, too, and it still holds up.

  • rymisoda

    They’ve been my favorite band since Liberate Te Ex Inferis in 1999. Every time they release a new album, I hold my breathe, thinking that this is surely the one where they phone it in but they just keep getting better.

  • tcdoey

    I’m not so sure about the lyrics, hm. I think that could use some work. But the sound is awesome. Great drumming and I love the spread of the guitar. This is now part of my ‘sound references’. Even as a youtube it’s great spectrum.

  • greg_from_utah

    i like the music, but the lyrics? idunno i’m not a big lyrics person. like i barely understand metal vocalists as it is and to a degree i think i prefer that. i view the voice as another instrument especially when it’s a more growly voice. i guess my point is that most metal bands should probably avoid lyrical videos 😅

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