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Wrestlers saving their Opponents from Injury

Wrestlers saving their Opponents from Injury

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  • vinci1992

    Compilations like this help me understand the fetishization of pro-wrestling that’s so rampant in all the manga and anime I enjoy. They really are technicians and athletes of the highest order.

  • dethzord

    I highly suggest going to a small, local pro-wrestling event. They’re terribly entertaining. When a large part of the audience is friends and family of the wrestlers, they tend to have a lot of fun with it.

    Even if you’re not “into” pro-wrestling, it’s a good time.

  • FartKilometre

    This was actually kinda neat to see. I’m not getting into the “wrestling is fake” discourse, we all know it is. It’s scripted and we all know it. These guys still destroy their bodies for the world to see, but seeing these little clips really gives a peek into the choreography behind it. Catching someone who has misjudged the jump, tripped, or missed their mark. Moving an obstacle that could cause injury, etc. All these moments that happen so fast that you could easily not notice them when you’re swept up in the action.

  • shinbreaker

    This reminds me of one of the sweetest things I ever heard. Bret Hart was talking about a match he had with his brother Owen. They get up a superplex off the top rope and Bret could tell Owen was worried and he just said to him “Don’t worry little brother. I’ll protect you.”

  • Meatholemangler

    And on the opposite end of the spectrum you have people like Lesnar and Goldberg that have retired multiple wrestlers with garbage ringmanship.

  • AvatarTwasCheesy

    This the reason why wrestling is entertaining. They do a lot of high risk moves and stunts which require absolute trust in their “opponents” if it doesn’t go to plan, which it often doesn’t. It’s like having a spotter at the gym, you can lift heavy because you trust them to catch the weight and protect you if all fails.

    It did look painful for Ali at 1:30 though, whether hitting his head was intended or not. I’m sure those desk/blocks are made of padded material at least.

  • ToxicBanana69

    Also, with those moments where they’re caught in the ropes just keep in mind that’s more serious than it seems. Mick Foley lost an ear from that happening to him.

  • FredNasr

    There is nothing more nostalgic to me than watching old WWF clips. What a time. Being a kid, summers were spent hanging around friends houses and riding bikes, watching WWF, eating McDonalds, Ahhh.

  • Villain_of_Brandon

    I remember a story my dad tells occasionally. His friend was obsessed with wrestling (this was probably in the 80s or 90s) and he would insist that the stories in wrestling were 100% legitimate X hates Y because Z. etc. So there’s an event happening close to him, and he goes, watches the match is all hyped up. Apparently since everyone had to travel for it they just happened to be staying in the same hotel as the event wrestlers. His enthusiasm for wrestling was destroyed when he saw the two main event wrestlers, who in the narrative wanted to kill each other, happily having breakfast together in the attached restaurant.

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