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Would be big if they make Call of duty an Xbox exclusive

Would be big if they make Call of duty an Xbox exclusive

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  • birdrollsorange

    Good. I can get my popcorn and watch the flame wars in comment sections all over the internet if that actually happens.

  • JessEGames777

    I dont think cod or overwatch would become exclusive. Theres to many people playing those and throwing money at them. It wouldn’t be profitable to make it exclusive.

  • kittentarentino

    Normally I think we all agree these huge acquisitions lead to weird monopolies and are bad….but I actually like this one.

    They’re taking a tainted company, gonna take the good PR and get rid of the bad stuff, and give blizzard what it’s always been good at. big, intermittent releases without the pressure of yearly revenue upticks. Overwatch, hearthstone, And WoW might finally start becoming games with some credibility again.

  • Sir_Tea_Of_Bags

    Everyone thinking about the console games that MS is getting, when a major prize is the stupid amount of money Activision’s mobile games generate.

  • Arwast

    We’ll see in due time what ends up being their strategy, lord knows we can’t trust they’ll keep their word.

    Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming and the head of the Xbox brand, said in an interview last year that exlusives are “completely counter to what gaming is about”.

    He went on to state that “as a player, you are the centre of our strategy. Our device is not the centre of our strategy, our game is not the centre of the strategy. We want to enable you to play the games you want to play, with the friends you want to play with, on any device.”


  • MikalMooni

    It honestly doesn’t even matter if COD is exclusive!! Game Pass is the whole reason they did it. Microsoft owns the Company, so they own the company’s IP. That means they can put the games on their service without having to take them off, ever. It’s an investment in improving the quality of Gamepass. Why spend $90 on a new AAA Game every few months when you can spend ~$180 bucks each year for the ability to play the same games? Plus whatever old games Microsoft gives you along the way?? Sony is losing horribly on the value proposition, which WILL drive more and more players to Xbox and PC as time goes on. Microsoft already had the best hardware; now they’re gonna have the best games, and make profit off of the vast majority of PlayStation games people buy as well as every Xbox and PC game sold, no matter what client you use to buy it. They’re clearly setting up to win the gaming market no matter what hardware position they’re in. They WILL continue to build entertainment hardware into the coming years, too, since they’re going to have a monopoly on the living room soon enough!!

  • DawnRav3n

    Ooooh call of duty on gamepass is a good possibility now. People won’t be outraged when a game is bad when they had the choice to try it before fully commiting into buying the title

  • Deep-Ad591

    Does it mean that if there is a new CoD for PS, and I buy that version, the money will land in the pockets of Microsoft? That’s evil

  • acid-wolf

    Are we actually concerned about exclusives at this point? It seems like that paradigm has shifted to the point where almost all games are at least on PC and console. Hell, God of War just released on PC. Halo is on PC. Nothing is sacred anymore.

  • Traditional_Formal33

    Nah, Microsoft is playing a completely different game than Sony. Microsoft is buying these studios, making bank from their assets, then releasing games onto GamePass early or completely for free. Microsoft is going to generate more in monthly subscriptions like Netflix than some console war. If anything, besides having some financially smarter moves for parents to buy a specific console, Microsoft is moving everything towards PC gaming, where the games are available for everyone, sold digitally, and the profits are better.

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