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Wise words from acclaimed japanese video game developer.

Wise words from acclaimed japanese video game developer.

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  • SimsStreet

    They’re still kinda bad forever. They’ll never live up to their potential no matter how you try to convince yourself otherwise.

  • Nithral1965

    That is so wrong, a rushed game will always be bad, they’re not saved. look at Redfall, no amount of patches will fix that nor ghost recon breakpoint. Stellaris wasn’t rushed. New Vegas is because its part of the charm and most of the time, NV players mod the game which generally fixes what Bethesda is incapable of. NMS wasn’t rushed, the devs simply overpromised, an issue that Starfield has now, i mean from a space flight & landing on planets aspect, Elite Dangerous blows it out of the water, much older and it allows you to land on any planet at any spot on the planet with zero loading screens, even tho landing on planets is a waste of time really

  • SirLiesALittle

    I don’t even know where Warframe starts. It’s like it was originally some gritty, dark, hardcore stealth Metal Gear Solid-like game, and then at one point they just completely 180’ed into space ninja/wizard demigods zipping through maps like omnipotent crackhead murder-hobos.

  • Manoreded

    Sayings never work out perfectly but that doesn’t mean they aren’t right.

    If a game is rushed that can lead to mistakes on laying down the foundations that are unfixable later.

    But if the rushing is just lack of polish, and the core was done right, its fixable later.

    Also fixing games post-launch didn’t use to be the norm. Now even the concept of “game reviews” has become complicated because you effectively need multiple reviews over time for a lot of games if you want to give players an accurate impression of what they will get now.

  • nessaissweet

    i see this is a good thing, the fact that games can be fixed when released it means that games can reach their full pontential and it prevents wasting money on a game you really want. i hope they go further with this and find a way to patch old bad games to make them work and see if they can become redeemed

  • Acorn-Acorn

    Cyberpunk 2077 was rushed and 3 years from then it’s now a great game. It’s so good only after 3 years that fanboys are trying to rewrite history… Lol.

    * It was mostly negative on Steam, not just somewhat or mixed.
    * It was a category on YouTube that it was bad.
    * Even the studio apologized for their failure.

  • Noahman90

    I fucking love Miyazaki

    His fucking Zelda games are fantastic; rolling around hollow nest stomping on goombas. Classic Sega shit

  • FrancoStrider

    First impressions still mean a lot, and that can be hell for the developer if it comes out glitchy or missing features. And then you have stuff delayed and then released as DLC, which puts a bad taste in peoples’ mouths.

  • 2ByteTheDecker

    I’m gonna fucking slap the next one of you goobers that brings this quote from the era of EPROM cartridges to the era of digital distribution.

  • jabberwagon

    It’s still very difficult to overcome a negative first impression. Possible, but the amount of energy required would be better spent finishing the game _before_ release, generally speaking.

  • Fahodigaymer

    True, I also feel that they feel pressured to follow deadlines…. Also let’s be honest, some fans pressure them 😳. I think it takes a lot with graphic design, character design, and programming, etc. also, programmers tester. It must be exhausting, if I know gaming development that well.

  • ChromeGhost76

    I’m so sick of people trotting this one out like it’s some profound piece of wisdom. You can just file this under No Shit.

  • capnflacid

    I love the Metal Gear series, but the endings to MGS4 and MGS5 were not good.

    MGS5 was especially bad, but it was taking so long to complete that Konami fired Kojima and released the game before it was finished.

  • sankto

    A rushed game will remain bad forever in the mind of those who can’t update their view of it past release.

    Also games aren’t like before, where they were put in cartridges or CDs with no patching possible. Back then, if a game sucked there was no recourse; it sucked, period.

  • Ennis_1

    I just played Darktide a few minutes ago, as in returned from not playing it for awhile, and just like early Back 4 Blood, I’ll say this simply…
    No, no just no, I’ve had enough, fuck this BS, I don’t know how tweaked the games RNG is where Elites or Plague Beasts or Ogryns appear out of nowhere, enough is enough, playing Darktide truly makes me think “I could really be playing another game than this…”

  • maymaychuu

    Was Vermintide 2 rushed or otherwise bad at launch? The only time I remember it having negative reviews was during the RedShell thing which came later and didn’t last long.

  • Panahaden

    I remember playing Warframe beta back in 2013, and never touched the game ever since. Now it has like trillions of new things to do in the game haha.

  • DMurBOOBS-I-Dare-You

    They are all still BAD GAMES because they released as BAD GAMES. Their FULL story is “it was a bad release and will forever be remembered as such. It was fixed over time, giving us a glimpse into the REAL development time needed. Enjoy them now, but never forget how shitty they were at the beginning. No need to reward that bullshit by conveniently “forgiving” what should have been avoided.”

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