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Why would this be a thing??

Why would this be a thing??

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  • MercuryRusing

    Serverspace costs money so they want to delete user information considering they save log times and various other diagnostic and advertising related data associated with each account.

  • Neville_Lynwood

    Lots of sites purge inactive accounts for various reasons. Though any site or service where your account has spent money, should IMO never be deleted like that. No matter what the reasoning might be.

  • iWantToLickEly

    Not that I have an account to verify, but my guy, are you sure you’re not getting phished? High pressure “click here NOW” should be ringing all the alarms in your head instantly

  • DeathTheLast

    Most likely a phishing scam to get your account info. Don’t click anything in that email. In a different browser window, go to the actual website (NOT one listed in the email), and check your account info.

  • new_main_character

    Wouldn’t deleting users for space be the same like deleting contacts on phone for space. They just wouldn’t make alot of space.

    I think I read somewhere that if a company collects information from people then they have to dispose it off too if said person isn’t using their service after a period of time. Maybe this was the privacy policy? Maybe it differs from company to company

  • Ozotuh

    Since the email has come from a .eu email address, it is likely for GDPR compliance.

    * You must not keep personal data for longer than you need it.
    * You need to think about – and be able to justify – how long you keep personal data. This will depend on your purposes for holding the data.
    * You should also periodically review the data you hold, and erase or anonymise it when you no longer need it.

    These are the three basic points for GDPR that involve this. Basically, because you haven’t used the account (probably in about 2 years?) they need to purge your information from their systems as they believe they no longer need it.

  • kdk200000

    When they kept inactive accounts. People (rightly) complained. Now that they’re deleting them, y’all still complaining??

  • Flying_thundergod

    No they said they were gonna do that. I think Ubisoft said the same thing. You can stop it from the email they send. I think it had smth to do with data protection

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