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Why every gamer should be against this trend towards monopolies

Why every gamer should be against this trend towards monopolies

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  • ElScruffo

    The gaming industry is slowly devouring itself and killing any and all potential for original and unique AAA games, that’s why supporting indie developers is so important.

  • layer11

    What trend? If anything the trend is getting better. There used to be way more exclusives, even from third parties.

    But beyond the actual trend, Ms has consistently put their titles on pc and even Sony has started.

    As if a person needs to play every game anyways. It’s fomo driving your desire to have every console to play every game, just ignore it and play the games you do have access to. There’s enough to fill a lifetime even if all game development stopped right now.

  • MrPifo

    I somehow see the opposite trend. Xbox games are also on PC and even Sony is releasing games on PC now.
    The only real split games are Playstation and Nintendo.

  • Johnnyflame04

    This is so misinformed it hurts. Gaming is more than PS vs Xbox, plus all Microsoft games are available on PC too. The Microsoft acquisition of Actiblizz is good for literally everyone.

    It was a troubled company that needs new management and this is the perfect fit.

    I can draw a line down the middle of a jpeg too! What a joke.

  • drleewick

    That picture is totally misleading. As you can see in the first the only difference is that it shows 21 Sony exclusives and 12 xbox exclusives and all other games on both consoles. And then its suddenly 50/50? Didnt know activision/Blizzard had hundrets of games… but jokes aside, playstation had like 10 more exclusives and that was ok? But now xbox has like 10 more and its not ok???

  • haytur

    I am going to down vote because this is mostly
    Misinformation. Doesn’t include Nintendo, Xbox games are on pc typically as well. PlayStation has been more against being on board with console open play.

    I mean all and all despite a lot of crap I think Microsoft in general has done a lot for the gaming community with its pass and openness to allow play between consoles and what -seems- like a better solutions for gamers.

  • HotShame9

    You do realize PC exists.

    Do you want exclusives on one console? Or one console + PC? i prefer the latter.

    If Sony keep its exclusives but also releases on PC then gaming is truly saved. But for now this is temporary solution.

  • ProximaDust

    I mean, seeing one giant profiting off of so many groups isn’t too great. But this post is kinda silly.

    First, you can still play most of the games from the pass on a platform of your choice.

    Second, I’m sure a lot of people appreciate having their games grouped under one service, instead of having to download fifty different launchers. What you’re calling a choice has actually been an annoyance for awhile now in this context.

    Third, the price point is amazing with games pass. You get a ridiculous amount of content for what Xbox currently charges (I can’t speak to Sony).

    So yea, failed message from this post, and trying to get ‘every gamer’ to agree with you is never going to work lol.

  • syb3rtronicz

    I couldn’t even give a fuck about monopolies, I’m just happy they’ll probably force acti-blizz to get their shit together

  • WhiteChickenYT

    This doesn’t make any sense. If anything we’ve seen less and less exclusivity as the years go on. Especially seeing a lot of exclusive games becoming available on PC. Also with cross play becoming more or more prevalent it seems that devs are trying to bring everyone together rather than segregating even more

  • llwonder

    ABK has numerous sexual harassment issues and the only thing you guys care about is the monopoly part lol. Microsoft will not tolerate this sexual assault bullshit going on at ABK

  • BladedD

    Sony’s entire market cap (worth of the company) is only $145.99 billion. That includes their TVs, phones, music label, movie and show productions, and gaming. Sony has about $16.7 billion in cash on hand, but $9 billion in debt.

    MS has around $135 billion in cash on hand with no debt.

    EA’s market cap is $37.87 billion, Ubisoft is $6.1B, 2K is $3.22 billion.

    MS could literally buy out the rest of the big publishers without batting an eye. Sony meanwhile would struggle to buy just 1, and can’t afford EA at all

    Not to mention, It’s going to be harder for Sony to sell more consoles and make more money if big titles like COD aren’t releasing on PlayStation anymore

  • G00b3rb0y

    Nintendo: am i a joke to you

    Edit: why is square enix on the side of Xbox when they are more consistent in Sony based exclusivity deals?

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