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When you go into Currys to get a good deal, look underneath the label, sometimes the old label is behind it. They dont do deals, they make you think they do.

When you go into Currys to get a good deal, look underneath the label, sometimes the old label is behind it. They dont do deals, they make you think they do.

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  • OkamiGames

    Since I helped out in a hardware store during my studies. I have learned that very few things really have a discount. Just like things that are in advertising, mostly really only in advertising, there are no discounts and always in stock.

  • Sacred_Apollyon

    Most stores in the UK, even online ones, do this. So long as they’re advertised it at the higher amount for a certain amount of time tey can then claim it’s on “sale” even though the lower amount is the actual RRP or “normal” price.


    It’s why the first thing I do when I want something and see it on “sale” is look how much it is elsewhere. If you go on Currys website usually at the bottom of an items listing in the small print it’ll say something about when and for how long it was listed at the higher price -it’s normally not very long. It’s just a con.

  • Rasty_lv

    Story time. Years ago i worked in food production factory as team leader. I was usually working on grape packing line. Usually we daily sent around 8-10 pallets per day for this specific uk store. Retail price for those grapes was 2GBP.

    Then we had orders for same grapes but to add small red sticker on package with large 2GBP symbol. Nothing else. Same package, same price, just added new sticker with original price.

    So over night our orders went from 8-10 pallets a day to 34-38 pallets a day. So we were busy af next 2 weeks..

    My point is – retailers will use anything to make you believe that you get great deal and spend money.

    Another one – few years ago, before black friday, I was following one specific tv price. I knew which model I want to get. In end of september price slowly raised. Every few weeks it raised again. Before black Friday price was around 75gbp more than it was in september. And on black Friday price went to original price with amazing 75gbp off..

  • Quack_Shot

    Kohl’s does this stuff. One week Buy 1 Get 1 Free, next week 50% off. Hobby Lobby as well, no store can run with 85% of the store being 40-50% off every day, I always tell my wife it’s not actually that much off! Yet she still thinks she’s getting a good deal

  • DieMadAboutIt

    Best buy does this too. It’s never ever ever a deal. Black Friday is always a scam. So now they switched to digital price tags so you can’t see the old ones.

  • lrjackson06

    I always assume this is how “sales” are. Ignore everything except the current price.

    99% off of a million dollars is still $10,000, and 10,000 is still a hell of a lot of money.

  • nicko54

    A store I used to work for would do this. We’d get price tags for items going on clearance and it would say originally $25 now $5 but when you’d go out the new tag up the old one would say $10

  • Oudeis16

    LPT: Try to get a sense of how much things generally cost. Like for food, think of an item and think, okay how many meals is this, and do the math in your head until you get a sense for how much is “normal” for an amount of food. Eventually you can get to the point where you start to realize when “sale” prices aren’t saving you anything, or conversely when a normally-priced thing is much cheaper than you’d realized.

  • Aberkanasti

    Ex Curry’s employee: sometimes if you forget to tell the system you want a sale ticket, it doesn’t put the saving on. Could be as simple as that.

  • matrx10503

    -As late as 10/2021, the price was at 34£.
    The price was reduced after 10/2021

    -As of 12/2021 a new label was given reflecting the price reduction (but not noting the reduced from price)

    -A new label (aka more informed label, now including the previous price with the period it was at said price) was given 01/2022

    Story seems to check out 🤷🏽‍♂️….this seems to be closer on the spectrum of “non-deceptive” than so

  • Burkah

    From september 15th – december 10th it was it was 34.99

    That other tag was printed on the 12th of december… after the price change.

    It was indeed 34.99, another tag was made with the correct format to show the “was” price shortly after the first one. Nothing fishy here, just a lazy worker not removing the incorrect label.

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