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What movie would make a great game ?….. for me it’s 28 Days Later.

28 Days Later would make one of the most horrifying and intense gaming experiences, there so much horror & brutality to utilise here and in a gritty London setting like the movie would just be amazing. I mean it would be a great departure from the typical Zombie genre and something completely new.

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  • arayakim

    “Next”, the Nicolas Cage movie where he can see the future.

    Yes, the film was pretty bad. But imagine playing that as Nicolas Cage with that power, and every choice you make results in a different outcome, and you get to rewind time when a choice you made results in you or your girl dying. You learn to remember the bullet or camera trajectories of enemies, then rewind time to dodge bullets or hide from surveillance.

    It would be so awesome.

  • singh853

    Django Unchained. Picture RDR, but more focus on bounty hunting and killing racists.

    And while we’re at it, many of Tarantino’s films could work as games.

  • hyperwriter1

    It’s not *technically* a movie, but El Camino exists, so I’ll count it: Breaking Bad. Imagine a BB video game in the style of GTA.

  • ReddDaemon

    I’d love to see District 13 / Brick Mansions get a video game. I know it’d be similar to Mirror’s Edge but I feel like the movement and combat would be greatly improved

  • Crazy-Rip6437

    I remember someone made a mock up game of this and I was blown away. This movie was a really good movie if I’m being honest

  • Upstairs-Toe2873

    Lord of the Rings but in open world style. I know there are movie tie in releases which are fantastic but I would love to see the whole trilogy in one game. In the style of open world in small segments. So switching between characters, depending on the scene but main focus in Frodo/sam.

  • SmoughProblems

    John Dies at the End. I have no idea what type of game but I’m playing Inscryption right now and it’s delightfully weird and full of unexpected turns. Someone get Daniel Mullins and Jason Pargin in a room, stat!

  • reallygoodbee

    I want the next GTA game to be something like *Falling Down*, *Death Wish*, or *The Brave One*.

    No gangsters, no lifters, no professional criminals. Just one man/woman who’s been pushed a little too far and won’t be pushed any further.

  • jellybeansoverjoyed

    Honestly I think the dark crystal would be cool! Think like a typical rpg that shifts into a survival thriller midway.

    Either that or seven, I think it would make a really cool noir horror style game!

    But now that you said it, 28 days later would be insanely good.

  • basil1025

    Something like Enemy of the State, Bourne series, or the Fugitive.

    You’re wrongly accused of a crime and the government is throwing all its resources to capture you while you try to escape and prove your innocence.

    Combat would have to be like stealth play in the last of us or something because you couldn’t just kill a bunch of cops and be like “see I’m innocent!”

  • Native_Kurt_Cobain

    28 Days Later would be awesome. I would see it as Dead Island meets Left 4 Dead meets FallOut 4. You gotta start in the city, make or find some weapons, first. Then, assemble some survivors so you can make the trek out of the populated zombie city. And just like the movie, find your first cabin to set up as your home base FallOut 4 style.
    Then you can take a companion to go hunt for survivors. Create new bases like FallOut 4, and have caravans roam throughout the country land. One area is next to the city dump, so you make guns and melee weapons for your crew. The other is a huge farm. The next base supplies purified water…. First person or fixed 3rd person style like Gears of War.

  • Sad-Ad-4024

    A game in the style of an old comedy film like the naked gun trilogy, planes trains and automobiles or national lampoon’s vacation could be cool.

  • CordycepsAndPancakes

    The sphere. Well more of a b-side sci fi horror esque movie I think if done right as a horror game it could be truly terrifying and intense.

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