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What are your thoughts on Starfield? set to come out later this year

What are your thoughts on Starfield? set to come out later this year

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  • Ryan_Reay

    I’m so hyped, if it’s genuinely an Elder Scrolls/Fallout esque game in space then it could be anything it wants to be. Begging it lives up to it however I know I’m going to love it either way. If I loved Cyberpunk I’ll love most things.

  • Bananaslamma24

    I barely know it exists, all I’ve seen about it are topics like this and no official advertising, that being said it’s a Bethesda game launching on gamepass so I’ll definitely be checking it out.

  • ThyNynax

    I think I’m officially pissed at everyone getting hyped when there isn’t even a gameplay video yet.

    *Have you learned NOTHING!?*

  • m943

    I’m hopeful, I haven’t disliked the Bethesda rpg formula yet. If I’m lucky it’ll scratch the itch that star citizen has teased for years 😂

  • Leramar89

    Knowing Bethesda it’s probably going to be janky and full of bugs at launch.

    But really untill I see actual gameplay I’m not thinking about it.

  • o0_bobbo_0o

    I’ll buy it and form my own opinion on it. If I like it, great. If I don’t, I took a gamble.

    Preorder or buy day one if you’d like, fuck the people who cry about it.

  • _-Virus-

    I’m freaking stoked. I’m also pissed that it’s not getting more hype. Screw everyone that thinks this won’t be the best game of the year. They can suck my giants toes.

  • TheOnlyAl66

    I’m really pumped. Hopefully Bethesda has learned some lessons since Fallout 76. Now they’re owned by Microsoft hopefully it’ll get the testing budget it needs before release.

  • HotShame9

    Its following the bethesda formula, i have sunk hundreds of hours in their games from Morrowind to Fallout 4. And i have enjoyed all of them, so im pretty excited to see their formula being done on a completely new universe.

  • sinkovercosk

    It will disappoint… Not saying it won’t be a good game, no one knows at this point… but with the teasing they have been doing and everyone secretly hoping for the kind of sci-fi game they have always wanted disappointment is guaranteed at this point 🙁

  • 04Rhinos

    I’m afraid that it won’t be the same Bethesda from skryim and fallout 4. I may be wrong but fallout 76 and attempts to monetise their other releases have given insight to the shifting values of management which may affect Starfield.

  • Best_Hand1879

    Loved Skyrim. Couldn’t get into Fallout. Love space. Don’t tend to enjoy space video games…

    Lots of people saying ‘need to see gameplay’. I’m in the ‘need to hear first person reviews from people who the game leaks to early’. Really worked for me on PLA; which I’d assumed would be dreadful and is actually delightful!

  • Business_Ranger4055

    Absolutely psyched. This developer has had plenty of time and quality folks and artistic license to make this something special.

  • RomanDelvius

    I’m hyped beyond belief. Follow the sub and check for news everyday. For some reason, that’s become a routine and a constant in my life lol.

    Others will say it’s not wise, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment etc. I know these things intellectually. But the heart wants what it wants, and a space themed Bethesda game has been my WANT for over a decade. To hear how passionately Todd and team speak of it, to hear how they’ve improved their engine and now have the tech and experience to make this a reality, I want it more than anything else right now.

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