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We’ve all been there.

We’ve all been there.

We’ve all been there. from funny

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  • markmaksym

    Lmao. Takes me back when I was 19 being a cut man on my first construction job. Nothing beats 5 grown men screaming at you to flip the triangle over the right way and send it up on my second week on the job.

  • Slabb84

    Did something like that in front of the boss of the construction company I was working for. In my defense they knew I was running off of like 2 hrs of sleep from a newborn and 20 hrs of overtime for the week. They stayed silent for about 5 minutes as I took 2 mins to realize I put the blade on backwards for the saw and forgot to plug it back in after changing it. Good times.

  • daman4567

    There’s a bit more to this. Plywood has distinctly different sides so he probably thought he had cut it to match sides with the existing piece, but didn’t. This is probably what gave the person filming enough reason to think something funny would happen and start recording.

  • mpykonen

    He’s right to be pissed off. If that side is going to be facing the outside, the smooth side needs to be out. This is because the smooth side of OSB is water resistant. I don’t think he’s pissed because he thought he did it wrong, he got mad because he made a simple mistake.

  • M_240B

    I wish I was good at carpentry. When my old man and I would work on a carpentry project he would say (in Spanish) “As carpenters, we would not earn enough to afford a cat’s milk”.

  • another-redditor3

    ive done this so many times…. then i look at it and im like, shit.. i cut this at the opposite angle. let me go measure it all out and recut it, only to realize ive recut the exact same damn thing, and it was right the first time.

  • Cavaquillo

    being the cut guy sucks when framing. Getting yelled measurments and angles all day, having to remember which side to cut to keep the “factory finished edge” consistent, trying to keep up with speedy framers. Having to carry your boards, having to restack shit in new spots so work can continue flowing. There’s a lot on this guy’s mind and he’s probably second guessing himself since the first mistake of the day.

  • Tibbaryllis2

    Every time working on corners.

    > I need some scrap wood for drawing, a pencil, and for everyone else to fuck off for a minute.

  • Kolos182

    I actually know what confused him. He meant to put triangle with dark side up, but cuted in a way that dark side was beneath, and didn’t fit colorwise

  • graveedrool

    I work with a team of incredibly intelligent engineers with huge amounts of experience and knowledge in their respective fields.

    This sort of stuff happens to everyone. It’s great because it makes me feel better for my own brain fart moments

  • HairyTales

    Wow, the sheer amount of arrogance in this thread. That dude is not stupid. He measured and cut correctly. The problem is his workflow. He probably has to work efficiently, for hours. With actual results. So he relies on training, craftsmanship and muscle memory more than on analytical thinking. His brain was on standby when he tried to fit the piece and somehow due to a lack of confidence in his work he assumed that he must have cut it incorrectly. A more methodical approach probably would have helped him there.

    Yes, that has happened to me before. When you’re just too damn tired to think. But it’s not as simple as “oh look at that stupid monkey”.

  • ffellini

    I do this with a sliced loaf of bread that I’ve toasted and I’m making a sandwich and I want the curve of the bread to line up. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

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