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Westworld | Season 1-3 Recap | HBO

Westworld | Season 1-3 Recap | HBO

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  • PetyrDayne

    The most needed tv recap of all time. How do I remember the first season perfectly but have trouble remembering what happened in season 2 and 3.

  • twitchyeye84

    Ok, so I watched season 1 and it was the most amazing show I’d ever seen and i thought it was a perfect way to end it, loose ends and all.

    I watched season 2 and it was meh. Samurai stuff was pretty cool but it was kinda doomed to disappoint after S1.

    I skipped season 3 because I couldn’t bear to see the show do anything even less exciting.

    Did i fuck up? Should I come back to this show?

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