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Todd Richards (snowboarder & NBC commentator) blasts Olympic judges after Gold medalist Ayumu Hirano’s low scoring 2nd run

Todd Richards (snowboarder & NBC commentator) blasts Olympic judges after Gold medalist Ayumu Hirano’s low scoring 2nd run

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  • SDFlick619

    It was the US judge that screwed him. It looked like a play to help Shaun White honestly. Luckily he came back and shoved it down their throats and forced em. Beast

  • Wonderbreadpack

    A lot of people saying the US judge screwed him over, with the 89 score but it there were two or three other judges that gave him a 90 as well. So even if the US judge did give him a 90 his overall score wouldn’t have changed. (To get your final score they take away the highest and lowest judges scores and average the rest)Still the fact that any one single judge let alone 3 of them gave him a 90 or under was quite insane. But note it wasn’t just the US judge. Multiple judges were wrong.
    (Edit: grammar/clarification)

  • dnbreaks

    Richard’s commentary was great! I’m glad somebody held the US, CAN, and SUI judges accountable. Are these judges influencing each other or WTF are their major malfunctions?

  • Razir17

    Not really cool to make a joke at the blind and visually impaired community’s sake or to take Mr. Wonder’s name in vain, separate from whatever the judges were actually doing.

  • murrkpls

    In the moment it felt like the US judge tanking his score to help Shaun White. But I love drama so I may just be seeing what i want to see.

  • Whippofunk

    There will always be controversy in sports that are purely won by judging. I wish the olympics would just stick with sports that are won outright by having the fastest time or scoring the most goals or the furthest jump or any other system that doesn’t rely on judges scoring.

  • McTendies

    Loved how the fact they showed the judges associated with each country at the end. Clearly a way that different judges feel about style and snowboarding, but I feel like if you land a triple and then you ride it out with insane other hits, you are the champion 100%. Ayumu the drip lord clearly is the best snowboarder of this generation and frankly I feel like he might be out for Shaun White’s legacy (especially with the fact that he is an unreal park skateboarder and just won gold as a 23 year old!)

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