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Thousands gathered in Times Square today for subway victim’s vigil, denounce anti-Asian violence

Thousands gathered in Times Square today for subway victim’s vigil, denounce anti-Asian violence

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  • flipadeedoo

    I want to say something concerning the perpetrators’ punishment but I’ll get banned, but I think many with think the same thing. He sure doesn’t deserve 3 hots and a cot forever, paid by New York taxes.

  • cheap_as_chips

    It’s interesting that you don’t see politicians at things like this.

    Almost like they don’t care about what’s actually important to regular people

  • hypnocentrism

    Bring back involuntary detainment and filter the homeless into either rehab, psychiatric hospitals, or subsidized work/living arrangements to get them on their feet. How cool would it be to have large cities with zero homeless problems?

  • MishrasWorkshop

    Dude better not get the “restorative justice” or whatever hell it is they’ve been using to let these perps back on the street.

    I remember last year an elderly asian was getting attacked on the streets in CA, it was caught on camera, and the DA said he wants to pursue “restorative justice”, meaning no jail time. Fuck that.

  • thundercatzzz

    Societies are far better off without capital punishment. It’s too easy to mess up and kill innocent people. And determining who deserves death will always reflect our own prejudices.

  • Working_Falcon5384

    I have no problem locking up anyone, homeless or not, and throwing away the key for someone who commits a crime like this.

    there is no such thing as rehabilitation for acts like this. bar none. full stop.

  • ineednewgolfshoes

    It wasn’t anti Asian, it was just a lunatic doing what lunatics do. But every thing has to be about race now, not just common sense.

  • DrunkLastKnight

    As a son of an Asian immigrant it disheartens me that this stuff continues to happen, I hope the book is thrown at the person that did it.

  • WhySoFishy

    Why are there no black folks pictured here? I see white, and I see asian. Was it too narrow of the a picture or was the photographer intentionally photographing only the asian crowd here? Does the black community in NYC just not care or what? Legitimately curious here.

  • VapeThisBro

    Asian here to say something unpopular, we don’t know if the attacker was racist…or just a crazy homeless guy, and while solidarity is good, we should also not rush to conclusions. If reports are correct, he attacked another person before the asian lady, and that other person wasn’t asian.

  • ONee78

    Anyone ready to talk about the demographic committing these hate crimes at a disproportionate rate yet? No? alright ill wait for the next one to happen I guess

  • Enigizerdemon

    Watching the news, the crazy dude was going after another lady who wasn’t asian before her. Reading in the post talking about this guy he apparently harassed multiple other people threatening them when people declined to give him money. How is any of this anti-asian? The guy was just a nut job.

  • Real-Coffee

    i… dont think this has to do with Anti-asian violence… i mean. just cause someone isnt white doesnt mean its race orientated. prob just some crazy dude who pushed a woman standing too close to the tracks

  • no-wifi-hero

    the problem is.. nobody helps anybody anymore in the heart of the moment when it matters. instead they hold up their phones and film. grow some balls and when you see something about to go down make sure you act when it matters and vigils like this won’t be necessary.

    i grew up in NYC and when i was there, when ppl saw shit going down about a dozen ppl jumped in to do something. where the hell did that go? maybe ppl are just cowards now a days.

  • thebluemelon

    cannot you not be racially motivated if you’re insane and homeless? why are we basing his repercussion by sympathizing with him first??! The victim was an Asian woman during the heat and the epicenter of the cold hatred. obvious is obvious. you fucking loons will convolute a simple crime w all your political motivations. this is dying another death if it isn’t properly handled. where are the adults?

  • Ken-Wing-Jitsu

    Well yeah #stopasianhate but let’s be clear – this was a random attack on an innocent person by a crazy mentally ill person with a rap sheet, not “an attack on Asian people”.

  • pungapanag998

    This is yet another grief porn of USA. This is a norm since 9/11. Instead of any coercive action against the accused or steps to ensure the streets are safe, such gimmicks are publicised and espoused. NYC is back to the 1970s level of filthiness where you had to carry a gun even to go grocery shopping

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