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This sign by the cafeteria staff trying to appeal to gen z and get us to eat fruit or vegetables

This sign by the cafeteria staff trying to appeal to gen z and get us to eat fruit or vegetables

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  • Badjib

    I fucking hated this rule in school….why make me waste food I won’t eat?!? In particular (I actually like more fruit and veggies) the “cheesy” green beans that look like they’re covered in snot, and the red “delicious” apples….I hate Red Del apples, they are a tasteless abomination why tf can’t the school pick a good apple like Pink Lady or Granny Smith

  • SweetPrism

    What else are they supposed to do? I taught middle school for 10 years. This is a state law, it’s a massive pain in the ass to enforce, and middle school is a difficult age to reach.

  • Shadowveil666

    The fuck is this?

    but we don’t give a shit if you eat it or not. There’s so many different layers of stupid in this image

  • Menirz

    Like the sign says, they don’t care if you actually eat it or not. They just risk losing their federally subsidized school lunch funding if certain metrics aren’t met (like having too much fruit/veggie left over).

  • The_Real_Raw_Gary

    Ngl if I had to work with teens I’d make stupid dumb funky fresh bullshit like this knowing they’d hate it. It’s more for me than it would be for them.

  • cmyers4


    TL:DR – It’s a combination of money and government.

    I’m not a food services worker, but as someone who has been working in US schools and has gone through relevant trainings about this, let me give you an overview.

    Government funded schools have to meet criteria to get that money. For example, they have to prove a student actually attends their school in order to get the funding allocated to that kid. That’s why attendance is huge for young kids, it’s to prove to the government they’re actually at your school.

    A similar energy applies to lunches – criteria have to be met to get government funding. In this case, funding is given based on “complete meals” given out (glossing over and simplifying many things). A complete meal includes a fruit, so you need to take one in order for them to say they gave out a “complete meal”. No, they can’t throw it away themselves because they could get caught and shut down. No, they can’t allow you to pass on it because it would be an “incomplete meal”.

    If you’re upset about it, chalk this up to misguided but good intentions. They want kids to get fruit, so they mandate people give them fruit. How do you enforce it? Threaten no money.

    I’ll gladly take corrections if someone more knowledgeable has them.

    EDIT: I went home and tried to find helpful links for interested people. [This first one]( is from a (random) school district and is most likely a training about serving meals. Take note of the phrase “offer versus serve” and the specific requirements that make up a “meal”. [This other link]( is waaaay more in depth, but illustrates the breakdown of what *must* be served to make meals reimbursable from the government.

  • cellophaneflwr

    A lot of time cafeteria staff MUST give a fruit to each student due to certain grants that they access for the lunch programs.

    When I worked at a FARM school (Free And Reduced Meals), we had to make sure each student grabbed a certain amount of certain things and check them off a list. If we did not do that, it caused issues when the meal program was audited (this happened regularly).


    So, not just underpaid cafeteria staff trying to appeal to kids, they’re probably also trying to avoid the same conversation of “please grab a fruit or vegetable”.

  • Swarleymon

    I remember making kids cry because they had to have fruits and veggies on their tray they didn’t want. I felt like a food nazi, I told them to just take one piece and dont eat it just take something! Stupid rules!!

  • shutz2

    Nutritionally, fruit juice is only marginally better for you than a sugary soft drink: it usually has a few vitamins (especially vitamin C, which doubles as a preservative) but otherwise, isn’t much better than sugary water.

    It really should stop counting as a portion of fruit.

    If it has to be a drink, a fruit smoothie, where the fiber is still present, would be an improvement.

  • ksnizzo

    Reminds me of when Creed dyes his hair and acts young on the office. “Can we get some Redbull in the vending machine? Sometimes you gotta ride the bull sometimes amirite?”

  • Noahbb22

    My orchestra teacher likes to ask us for outdated slang so he can talk to the younger kids (like 6th-8th grade) like this. It’s really funny.

  • Madpup70

    I think I’ve used the line “It’s none of my business if you actually do it” with kids this year when given stupid bullshit for them to complete from admins.

    “I have been told to tell you there is a survey in your email. Do with that information what you will. It’s none of my business.”

    “Hey Mr. Madpup70, did your students complete that survey?”

    “I definitely told them about it for sure.”

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