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This is the new offside law that FIFA had trialed in the past 3 years. IFAB will vote on it in December 2023 at their Annual Business Meeting

This is the new offside law that FIFA had trialed in the past 3 years. IFAB will vote on it in December 2023 at their Annual Business Meeting

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  • happyfuckincakeday

    I’m American so my vote don’t count but I kinda love this. Still prevents sandbagging but allows for more wiggle room and imo will improve the game.

  • pillowshot

    Don’t think this will help. The whole problem with the lines in VAR is a disagreement about where the line is placed on a toe, a fingertip or a shoulder etc.

    This just shifts the burden rather than solving that problem. Soon we’ll have people complaining that the striker was onside because the line was placed a millimeter off or something.

    The only obvious solution to me is to make the lines they use thicker, and if the lines overlap in anyway then it’s considered onside. By making the lines thicker it makes the precise positioning of the line less important and reduces the effect of a mistake caused by misplacing the line a few mm or whatever.

  • Enschede2

    I don’t see how it would make a difference, defenders will just adapt their offside traps to the new rule won’t they? All it does is move the offside trap by a few cm, and attackers will try to adapt to that by trying to grab a few more cm, so how will this not all just boil down to the same thing?

  • RATTRAP666

    New offside detection completely relies on VAR which is bad IMO. Like, now 9/10 offsides are obvious and can be seen with a naked eye of linesmen. And with this new rule the linesman must look for a tiny gap between a heel and a knee of two players running as mad dogs? At this point all referees can be removed from the field, let VAR to decide everything.

    Even game-wise this is questionable. Fishing for 1v1 is plain boring.

  • iamamuttonhead

    This is ridiculous. It’s going from one extreme to the other. The current rule is stupid because a hand, which is unusable, can be offside. The rule should be about actual feet – is one of the offensive player’s foot past both feet of the defensive player. The only redeeming quality of this change (and undoubtedly its rationale) is that it is fairly easy to officiate.

  • Moccis

    They should also remove offsides completely in the penalty box, they just allow the defence to play bad and not get punished because someone’s toe was 1cm closer to the goal

  • craigularperson

    It just seems like this changes the spirit of the law in a sense. With offside-rules the game is actually more fluid and actually becomes more attacking minded as defenders can push higher up the field.

    I think one of the greatest aspects of football is that a lot of things are adjudicated based on judgment, which of course creates the downside of having to have extremely skilled referee’s with impeccable judgement. But you also get some wrong calls.

    Having to have a player with his whole body ahead of another player doesn’t seem to make anything better. I just don’t understand what this is helping.

    I think the Dutch league has handled the offside and VAR in the best possible way(haven’t watched it, so don’t how well it is working). Assistant referees takes almost all offsides, but when they are in doubt, and could lead to a goalscoring opportunity they don’t raise the flag. And when it leads to goal, they check in VAR afterwards.

    Close calls where a player is 1 cm in offside doesn’t really happen so much that the rule basically has to be scrapped.

  • TheHancock

    While I think this makes more sense (because SOMETIMES you just don’t know if your toe or arm is too far forward) I think that it’s still rather subjective depending on viewed angle and location. At the same time this potentially gives a 1-2 foot advantage to attackers.

  • smokebreak

    Kinda like how the current rules are enforced when I’m attacking on FIFA, but the new rules are enforced when my opponent attacks.

  • pabo81

    They spend so much developing VAR when an RF sensor would take all the guesswork out of it. Have every player wear a sensor on their waistband, and if an attackers sensor is beyond the defenders sensors T the time of impact (impact sensor on the ball or a video recognition program) then the computer spits out an instant offside/onside alert.

  • MapleHamwich

    Makes more sense than the current rule. I still think they could do better by just limiting it to the players heads. But this way will be much clearer for the players and fans.

    Those saying this will make teams just play more defensively are wrong. Yes, some teams may do that. But the top level teams generally adapt in terms of player ability. This will encourage teams to focus on speedy defenders who can compete or beat forwards with speed.

  • judolphin

    I’ve been screaming this for YEARS, in hockey if any part of you is onside, you are onside. It makes a hell of a lot more sense, if you’re running alongside a defender, it shouldn’t matter if, like, one of your kneecaps is past the defender.

    Offsides is ultimately a way to keep teams from camping out by the goal, not measuring whether your kneecap is a millimeter past the defender’s kneecap. That said the line has to be drawn somewhere, I think “completely past the defender” is the best place to draw that line.

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