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This is one of the creepiest things I’ve found in a game. A pregnant skeleton in Skyrim.

What’s the creepiest thing you’ve found?

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  • CubicalCropduster

    In fallout 4 there is a vault with people in and a reactor that is about to melt down. When you save them and explore around the reactor room, ontop of a shelf there are wooden blocks that when viewed from a specific direction spell out LOL F U. Skyrim also has a few hidden khajiit (with a bag of coin nearby) and argonian (bottle of skooma nearby) skeletons instead of the generic human ones you see more frequently

    This is back when bethesda devs took the time to make something memorable… unlike starfield which is procedurally generated trash. The only thing in starfield that was handcrafted like that was an apartment that had a computer, a bottle of lotion and tissues next to it… skyrom and fallout have a bunch of interesting hidden stuff in them, starfield just has that 1 that seems like a 10 year old’s joke told over fortnite

  • Apprehensive_Cause67

    Fromsoft games have soo many creepy elements and details just hidden away, u cant find them unless u really really look. Things like falling down a hole and finding a giant fleshy face in the ground. Or taking a random not so obvious elevator into a pitchblack chasm that has nothing but you and this throbbing fleshy mass with eyes that stares at you lol.

  • Gektor_Flektor

    Just as I thought I’m gonna play Skyrim again, I remembered EGS took it from my library without notice like a month after I bought it for 5 dollars as a New Year gift for myself

  • Bagz402

    I found a skeleton in a bathtub with a toaster in it in FO3 once and I lost my shit for a minute. Granted I think this was replicated multiple times in future fallout games but the first time hit me hard.

  • PinkBoxDestroyer

    This is the kind of Bethesda stuff I’m missing in Starfield. Things like this that make you wonder what the hell happened here? But it’s just a thousand planets of nothing.

  • Kommander-in-Keef

    This is what Starfield is missing. That was hand placed there and tells a whole story without saying a single word. There is so much of that in Skyrim and Fallout. I know this isn’t that convo but it hits me

  • Some_Stoic_Man

    If you see more than 1 skeleton in the same place either they both died there or one skeleton was moved there, be it from wind rain erosion or someone or something. You sure that’s not a spot where some dwemer didn’t just stack some corpses for later and forget about them? It’s that at the bottom of some cave system where heavy rains often carry things? Did you carbon date both skeletons to see if they even died in the same cataclysm? Maybe one died in Oblivion and the other during some Tallos stuff.

    Also that’s a child or small person, newborn and fetuses have different shaped skulls and not all of them bones

  • rcas94114

    Based on how the baby’s legs and hips are inside the mothers pelvic canal, it seems more likely the baby and mother died during a breech birth.
    How’s that for even more grim. 😬

  • Gimblebock

    Thats clearly not a pregnant skeleton. The fetus’ skeleton would not be that large lol. It was definitely just someone holding their child in their arms.

  • promerious

    I saw a kid skeleton playing on ground floor of the first town you go to in fo4, on the second floor theres a naked skeleton being choked by a skeleton wearing male clothes

  • Nahchoocheese

    If the child is unborn, they need to fix the skull and add the rest of the skeleton, scale down the size to reflect that.

    The way they made it is more that it’s a woman with a child, not that she’s pregnant .

  • Stilgar314

    Skyrim is a high fantasy world. What if it was an undead skeleton that meet another special undead skeleton and ended up having little undead skeletons? They’re just having the typical centuries undead slumber.

  • dfjdejulio

    This reminds me that technically, mathematically, the average number of skeletons inside of a human body is slightly more than one.

  • P4azz

    While others have already pointed out how this is kinda too big for a fetus, it just reminded me of how Souls also did this, just in a less graphic manner.

    In that game one of the early corpses that holds a humanity is actually holding a “twin” humanity. So from there you know “one corpse, two souls” and come to the conclusion yourself.

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