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They released an unfinished deleted scene from Sonic 2 that briefly goes into what happened after Robotnik disappeared.

They released an unfinished deleted scene from Sonic 2 that briefly goes into what happened after Robotnik disappeared.

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  • IanMazgelis

    Robotnik also mentions that he never met his mother in this scene, a nice bit of continuity from him saying he was an orphan in the first movie. I think that if Jim Carey comes back for the next one, they’ll reveal that Ivo was raised by his grandfather, Gerald Robotnik.

    >I was spitting out formulas when you were spitting out formula.

    >Actually I was breastfed.

    >Nice… Gotta rub that in my orphan face.

  • Arkeband

    I can see why it was cut, although I could probably say the same for another half dozen scenes that somehow made it into the final product.

  • MumrikDK

    That went from yet another flat “cancel culture” joke to quite the stab at certain parts of the American right.

  • Armascribe

    There is something interesting and subtle about this movie that I haven’t seen mentioned before. Later on, when GUN surrounds the Mean Bean, the GUN Commander says “We’ve taken your funding!”, which means, to me, they more or less enabled Eggman by funding his research and putting up with his shenanigans.

    Knowing what happened to Gerald and Maria, it seems pretty on brand for GUN to clean up evidence of their involvement with another Robotnik-related incident they helped create.

  • jayeddy99

    The guy who plays the Assitant pops up on my ig as a sponsored post sometimes and he has a lot of behind the scenes pics and just seemed so happy and thankful to be working on the movie . I found that so wholesome lol

  • surferos505

    Agent stone is a character I thought I wouldn’t like from the movies but I really do. I hope in the future he leaves eggman and becomes his own character

  • Mammoth_Elephant8594

    Out of all the scenes, the one with he crowdfunding really should have stayed. That was hilarious.

  • Present-Mention-1297

    I would have rather had this in the movie than the 20 min dedicated to the wedding bullshit that wasn’t needed.

  • dramatic-ad-5033

    All the deleted scenes and the director’s commentary (I loved it, highly recommend) are on iTunes in the special features

  • DarkJester89

    > Humanity seems to have slipped into a uhhhh cancel culture.

    Hahaha probably best this wasn’t in theaters, wouldve hit too far home for some of the viewers

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