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The Venture Bros. and Failure — Steak Bentley’s first upload in almost 3 years

The Venture Bros. and Failure — Steak Bentley’s first upload in almost 3 years

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  • Wagbeard

    I love the Venture Bros. Next to old Simpsons, it’s my favourite cartoon. I was crushed when it got cancelled.

    For a show about 2 cloned teenagers, it’s amazing how it expands into this crazy universe that pokes fun at mainstream comics and pop culture. It’s also got a lot of heart. The scene where Gary realizes 24 is truly gone actually made me cry a little. It’s a cartoon but you really do grow to feel for the characters.

    I wish this video talked more about the Triad. Dr Orpheus is a ridiculous character and he’s awesome along with the Alchemist and [Jefferson Twilight, Blacula Hunter](

    Shoreleave is the most badass gay character ever.

    [Red Death]( is the scariest villain ever.

    This show is brilliant and whoever cancelled it deserves the acid-magnet.

    Go Team Venture.

  • Zenarchist

    Every time I see Dr. Strange in the MCU, all I can think is “this would be much better if it was Dr. Orpheus”

  • UseOnlyLurk

    I’m not convinced it’s actually cancelled and this is just the usual length between seasons we experience.

  • jerrycakes

    Currently watching this video right now. Man, I **loved** that show, and hated that it’s ended and have *fingers crossed* they’ll do it justice if and when that movie comes out.

    Go Team Venture.

  • Dangly_Parts

    Venture Bros is slept on a lot I feel. It has more detailed world building than most shows I can think of, and had constant call backs, references, Easter eggs, and plot points that would resolve seasons after being introduced, without feeling like a cop out. Venture Bros was a lightning bolt in a jar and I haven’t found a show like it since

  • AngryMobster

    Great vid but just one question tho. Who’s Steak Bentley? Not throwing shade or anything, just curious as to who this guy is and why it’s big that he’s back after 3 years.

  • QueenOfTartarus

    I rewatched this show for probably the 5th time recently, and I still find small spots of humor I missed previously. I tell everyone I get to know about this show, it’s so fantastic. Go Team Venture!

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