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The music is 30% of a game.

The music is 30% of a game.

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  • Ave19899

    With single players i agree but with mmorpgs at some point i just turn off the music because they get repetitive and stuck in my head for days

  • skueghatt

    Well excuse me for wanting to listen to my playlist instead of only instrumental music that I don’t particularly enjoy listening too.

  • comcphee

    I usually turn it off in games. I am way too into music, so the prescence of a soundtrack is way too distracting and prevents any immersion for me.

  • 17degreesCsunny

    Muting the music is like putting ketchup on fancy food. All that effort to create subtle flavors through a careful combination of spices and high quality ingredients only for an asshole guest to douse your food in shitty ketchup.

  • Bottinator22


    I have played over 1,250 hours of Besiege

    Primarily multiverse, which defaults to this one track

    I usually have the music off so I can listen to something else

    If I never turned off music, I’d be stuck listening to that trick for a total of over 1,250 hours, and I’d get pretty sick of it



  • ohmyzomfg

    it depends on the game you play. When I play something like Civ or Europa Universalis I turn of the music after some time. The OSTs are good but the music gets repetitive. I rather listen to my own music. In story heavy games I listen to ingame music.

  • lusciouslou91

    I honestly don’t even notice music in games. I turn it off, most chances I get.

    I have been playing Apex Legends since launch day. Everyone was saying how cool the music is when you launch out of the drop ship. I still don’t know what the song sounds like.

    I tune most music out. I don’t really care for music in general, and it amazes me that it matters so much to other people.

  • Weekly_Truth9935

    I know iam weird but most of the time the music is at ~5% Volume or is off, because i dont care about Music ingame, i love to hear the Ambient and World from the game, like walking in the nature and hear your sourroundings 🙂 or an example from chivlary or mordhau.. i like the battleambient and sounds, screams Metal sounds and whatever, sorry for my complete garbage english when you find mistake tell me and i can edit it 🙂

  • piedude670

    Depends on the game. Because to me the music in a game is as important as the game itself especially in Japanese games where they put so much effort in the music. Videogame music is sometimes better than standard music, as I’ve seen myself listening to you the former much more often.

  • TheReal8symbols

    Exploration music breaks immersion. Do I have an orchestra following me around? I’d rather listen to the environment and ambient sounds.

    Also I don’t want to be warned that someone is going to attack me because the music changes to some battle song. Without music I can generally hear enemies moving or vocalizing anyway and it’s more realistic and challenging that way.

    On top of all that I don’t like having my mood manipulated. If a moment is dramatic or exciting or sad it should be readily apparent without the imaginary orchestra trying to force me to feel that way.

  • QKsilver58

    Only certain soundtracks are good enough to not replace with my own playlists.

    Hotline Miami, Doom 2016 and Eternal, Lethal League, Minecraft, Jet Set Radio, Burnout, Severed Steel, etc.

    When you play competitive multiplayer games the music is an afterthought so I usually just load my own tunes to focus to.

  • B4zuk

    If I’m just farming loot or grinding some activitie non stop, I also mute the game and put some youtube/Netflix going on the 2nd monitor. Who doesn’t do that?

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