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The Make Up — We Can’t Be Contained [Post Punk] (1996)

The Make Up — We Can’t Be Contained [Post Punk] (1996)

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  • ryanpg

    Was a huge Nation of Ulysses fan. Bizarre coincidence, just today I told a group of students (middle school) about seeing NOU in a tiny club in Wisconsin in the early 90s. For some reason they were really much more interested in hearing about the opening band, this poser punk group called Green Day.

  • static612

    A band that knew they were better live so they recorded a fake live album. Ian Svenious is truly one of the greatest front men in punk rock history.

  • Two2Co

    I saw them at the Middle East sometime late 1997 or early 1998. They blew me away and Ian Svenonious has a hell of a stage presence.

    Have U Got the New Look is still catchy AF.

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