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The Legacy of Tron: Legacy [Video Essay]

The Legacy of Tron: Legacy [Video Essay]

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  • stumpcity

    Man… no. It isn’t. It’s not better than I remember. It’s boring and misguided. Disney overhanded the Pixar braintrust at this movie to help Kosinski fix this inert misfire and it still didn’t help.

    It’s production design heaven and a soundtrack that won’t quit. That’s all anyone remembers (that and Olivia Wilde on the couch) and it’s exactly as good as that sounds. Anything else past that point is also exactly as I remember, and I remember it being stiff, slow, and utterly unengaging.

    Everything that’s good about it happened outside of Kosinski’s “vision” (such as it was). Everything directly under his control (performance, pacing, basic drama) just laid there. is that the script’s problem? Partially, sure. But he sure as shit didn’t elevate anything

    (Also, a whole lot of Daft Punk’s score is actually Joseph Trapanese’s score, and a whole lot of that score had not a whole lot to do with Kosinski recognizing anything or steering anything in that direction.)

    You know what’s actually better than you remember? The Tron cartoon from Disney XD that came out shortly thereafter.

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