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The front page of the Uvalde Leader-News

The front page of the Uvalde Leader-News

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  • box_o_foxes

    Reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt’s journal entry the day his wife and mother died.


    >The light has gone out of my life.

  • Abrowning80

    There are no words left to print. A community mourns the loss of of those children, those teachers, and the loss of an entire police department, while 50 miles away the NRA puts on a song and dance theater for #45 and his disciples.

  • bigedthebad

    That is a town of 15,000 people (I grew up in a town of 12,000). I guarantee you that everyone in that town knows someone who was directly affected by this.

  • Proverbial_American

    From a former newspaper reporter, I love this simple, evocative design for such a terrible tragedy. No words, no images, just darkness. An idea born out of anguish. I hope they win a Pulitzer for this.

  • TCRAzul

    Another shooting, yep thoughts and prayers annnd day of mourning annnnd moment of silence. There we go all fixed! It’s like it never happened

  • dankdooker

    A quote from A Few Good Men as it applies to the Uvalde Police:

    Q: What did we do wrong?

    A: We were supposed to fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves.

  • Joegk4

    I know nothing. Law, politics, amendments. Not my thing. However, I do understand that the current gun laws keep our children in constant danger, because any fucking Joe can purchase a fire arm and hit us where it hurts the most. Unless we completely outlaw the right to carry a firearm, or at least ban automatic weapons/assault rifles, these horrendous events are going to keep happening.

    Fuck you and your right to carry a weapon. Why is that more important than the safety of the children in our country???!! What are we protecting here!!!??? Clearly not our fucking kids!!!!!

  • Tokemoke

    I feel sorry for the whole town because they have a bitch ass police force that was too afraid to neutralize a teenage gun wielding nutcase.

  • coachmajone

    I don’t understand the cover very well. Could someone explain please? Is it meaning it was a dark day and there are no words to explain it?

  • pjkzzz

    The most powerful country in the world yet so powerless to protect its own children. It is heart wrenching that Americans are sacrificing their children for education. Sandy hook, Uvalde, and god knows how many more innocent children will lose their precious lives to these bloody battle that Americans think are worth supporting their second amendment for. Congratulations America! You’ve outdone it, again and again and still no change in laws and gun control. We don’t need Russia, China, or North Korea. Americans killing Americans, take pride in that.

  • radbiv_kylops

    > Black stood for grief, but also privacy—the things the community was holding back, keeping for itself. “You’ve got so many people knocking on your door, calling you. And I get that—that’s fine, they have a job to do,” Garnett said. “But they’ll be gone. We just thought, This is how we’re going to hold this.” The issue went to print with a front page that was entirely black, except for the date: May 24, 2022.

    This is journalism at its best. It’s humanizing.

  • korbendallllas

    The next cover should list the names of every single responding officer who sat outside with their hands on their hips for an hour.

  • Kind_Owl_6414

    My heart hurts so much for this community and I have zero connection to them. Just seeing all the little faces and those two incredible women who sacrificed themselves for them is enough to make anyone break down.

  • Solidsnake00901

    If you go to the official Uvalde police fb they’re deleting and blocking all negative comments only the ones that remain are asking for “prayers”

  • TwistedAsura

    As someone who also grew up in a small town, where ANY form of criminal violence is exceptionally rare, let alone a massacre, I just can’t imagine a town, yes even the police force, being mentally prepared for this style of tragedy.

    It’s just an awful situation all around. I was raised by a combat veteran chief of emergency services who ran into fires and swam into a river to save a drowning child so I tend to have a less hateful view towards most law enforcement as I interacted with many in my youth and saw many heroes save many lives.

    I’m in the minority that I would guess a large majority of the officers at the scene were probably trying to help – evacuating students in non contested classrooms, setting perimeters, etc. Despite what people feel, active shooter situations need perimeters.

    I mean if you stop to think about it, the special forces (SWAT in this case I believe) assigned to handle these types of situations were on scene and likely following orders from someone higher up. I think they believed it was a hostage situation as opposed to just a plain out massacre which led to the initial wait (which was too long either way). Typically the SWAT team would be responsible for the breaching/elimination of threats while the day to day officers would be responsible for civilian management, evacuation, etc.

    At the end of the day I think the chain of command was the issue, not the individual police officers. A wrong call was made somewhere, most likely due to insufficient information regarding the situation. That doesn’t justify the call but think of it like this – It’s been days since the incident and we still don’t have a full timeline of events. Imagine trying to make a call as the situation unfolds with practically 0 information.

    Also the fact that the gunmen died means the people need to vent their emotions at a target, and in this case it’s the officers. I don’t believe it’s entirely justified, but it is understandable.

    I think America desperately needs a police reform of some kind as well as a reform of the culture surrounding guns.

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